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Wheelock’s Dela Stoddard-McGrath was saddened and frustrated when an oversized truck smashed through his beloved Miller’s Run Bridge.

One of the many things I love about our community is the way in which students and faculty pull together in the same direction. I have always been inspired by the idea of “the moment of swing” — the moment on a crew team when each oar dips into the water at the same time, pulls forward at the same time, and lifts out again in unison with all the others. At that moment, it feels like the boat lifts out of the water as it flies along. I had a sense of what that feels like as we began this school year.

The week of Sept. 20-27 has been dubbed by several activist, special interest, and lobbyist organizations as a “Global Climate Strike and Week of Action.” The idea is to convince a bunch of people to walk off their jobs, block traffic, picket offices and businesses, and generally disrupt the rest of the citizenry from being able to function in their daily lives – effectively holding peace, tranquility and freedom of movement hostage in exchange for a radical “Green New Deal” type agenda.