We returned from the Thanksgiving holiday to three and a half weeks of Relationships and Learning in the St. Johnsbury School. In a typical school year, this would be challenging at best. The time between Thanksgiving and the winter holiday break is hard, without a pandemic. Add the unpredictability of our current public health circumstances, and it feels staggering.

The Governor’s Advisory Commission on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT) consists of five executive councilors and the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation. GACIT along with the Regional Planning Commissions have an initial role to provide input into the Ten-Year Highway Improvement Plan. Also, the Executive Council votes to accept and expend all federal transportation funds.

Thanksgiving seems to bring out the inner troll in many people. They find something not to like about the food. Roast turkey is just too, too common. And, then, there is the way that Americans – louts that they are – eat too much of it. And everything else on the crowded table. Too much dressing. Way too much pie.