The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled 8-1 in favor of Brandi Levy, a 14-year-old high school freshman whose swear-laden Snapchat post became a First Amendment test whether a public school has the right to discipline students for off-campus speech.

Umbrella’s mission is to cultivate a Northeast Kingdom where all people thrive free from abuse and oppression. An important part of our work is related to supporting survivors of sexual violence. We support them when they want to report sexual violence and when they don’t want to report it. We support them years after the trauma happened as well as the day of the crime against them. We also work to support the community with prevention efforts aimed at building resilience among youth and others that are protective against future victimization and future perpetration.

The 2020 Census numbers for Vermont indicate that our little state grew by about 20,000 people over the past decade, or +2.8%. We also know that within Vermont our overall population has been migrating toward the northwest region of the state (Chittenden, Franklin and Lamoille Counties), and away from the south and east. Moreover, there is a legislative mandate to break up the six-member Chittenden senate district (currently Chittenden County minus Colchester and Huntington/Buels Gore). All of these factors point to a legislative district map in 2022 that could look very different from the ones Vermonters have used, not just since 2012, but for many decades past.

We’ve noticed that lawmakers in a number of states are weighing legislation to specifically ban the New York Times 1619 Project from classrooms. We’ve seen these harebrained attempts in backward states like Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa, Idaho and a few others.

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