The Coca-Cola company has stepped into the nation’s political and cultural wars … which are increasingly the same thing. One’s first thought on learning of this is to groan and think, “Why don’t they stick to soda pop?” And, then, “Haven’t they done enough damage, already?”

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with several members of our community to discuss a new program at Caledonia Central Supervisory Union (CCSU). CCSU is working with Green Mountain Farm to School as part of a grant opportunity with NOFA-VT (Northeast Organic Farming Association) to expand farm to school programming in the district. The program is called Vermont Harvest of the Month (HOM), and the committee was formed with the purpose of sharing information and materials for use in the classroom, cafeteria, and community, to promote the use of local, seasonal Vermont foods. That’s the short explanation. There is a lot to this program, and there are a lot of ways communities can be involved.

While recent news of the cancellation of Montpelier’s hotel project is troubling, those familiar with Act 250 are not surprised. The decision to terminate the project is yet another example of how truly broken our state’s principal land use law is. Montpelier’s current problem is high-profile and outrageous, but don’t mistake it as an outlier. It is representative of what hundreds of permit seekers have gone through and will continue to experience if this law is not updated.

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