According to a report from Michael Donoghue, Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling last week overruled a Vermont State Police transparency policy and is now blocking state troopers from releasing names of juveniles in all cases. Schirling’s sudden prohibition includes drivers accused of causing serious car crashes and instances where young people are the victims of homicides, fatal or serious vehicle wrecks, drownings and other incidents.

After a cool Friday evening at Legion Field with a young group of baseball players, I sat down for dinner around 7:30p. Just prior, I took a peak at social media. A somewhat ambiguous post caught my attention, enough that I quickly selected a news site. My guess was correct, Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed.

Vermont tax dollars may soon be going to faith-based elementary and secondary schools, if a case filed last week in Federal district court succeeds. The case is styled Valente v. French. The lead plaintiffs are Mt. Holly parents who send their son to the Roman Catholic Mt. St. Joseph Academy in Rutland. French is the Secretary of Education.