Tai Ji Quan Moving for Better Balance ™ classes will start at the Monroe Town Hall in mid-December on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m., taught by trained RSVP Volunteer Center volunteers, Barbara Cobb and Barb Smith. Registration is required, as is attendance at an information session. The information sessions will be on Friday 11/22 (deadline 11/18) or you can attend on 12/6 (deadline 12/2.) They are from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. Call Teresa at RSVP toll free, 1-877-711-7787 to register.

Cobb said, “I have enjoyed leading Bone Builders during the past five years. I am looking forward to the challenge of TJQMBB and its benefits.  I hope to help others reach better balance, improved breathing and an inner calm.” While TJQMBB is different from RSVP Bone Builders, we hope that participants will also benefit from the camaraderie that comes from exercising together. Classes are free, although donations are welcome. Note that these are not martial arts or religious or spiritual classes.

Developed by Dr Fuzhong Li, Ph.D., these “evidence based” classes use the slow, flowing movements of Tai Ji to focus on falls prevention. Specifically, to improve postural stability, awareness and mindful control of body positioning in space, functional walking, movement symmetry and coordination, and more. Classes are geared to older adults and individuals with a history of falls, balance and movement disorders, abnormal gait, and difficulty walking, including Parkinson’s Disease.  

The classes are different from our RSVP Bone Builders classes where attendance is flexible. At TJQMBB, no new participants can join after the third class. This is because, unlike Bone Builders which uses the same exercises every class, TJQMBB “forms” build on exercises taught in previous classes. Additionally, participants are expected to commit to attending at least 36 (75%) of the 48 classes to be effective for fall prevention.                                                                                                                        

While TJQMBB was developed by Dr. Li in 2011, this is the first time it has been taught in Monroe. Tai Ji, the martial art from which TJQMBB evolved, has been around for over 700 years. Research shows that for community-dwelling older adults who attend at least 36 out of the 48 TJQMBB classes, there was a reduced incidence of falls by 55%-58%. This is major considering that the Centers for Disease Control has found that every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall, and every 19 minutes an older adult dies from a fall. Falls, with or without injury, also carry a heavy quality of life impact. A growing number of older adults fear falling and, as a result, limit their activities and social engagements. This can result in further physical decline, depression, social isolation, and feelings of helplessness.

The classes are “free” thanks to the RSVP volunteers donating their time and energy, plus the Monroe Town Hall for donating space, and the Dartmouth Centers for Health & Aging for training scholarships and technical support. RSVP gratefully acknowledges our sponsor, Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, Inc., and our funders: Grafton County, Granite United Way, and the Corporation for National & Community Service.


  • Starting Wednesday, November 6th, 2019, repeats every week on Wednesday and Friday until Monday, December 02, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 9:30 am


Monroe Town Hall

50 Main St
Monroe, NH 03771


Teresa Volta

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