Albert Moulton Hagen - Obituary

Albert Hagen

Albert Moulton Hagen “Al,” born Dec. 18, 1932, died almost 5 years ago, on Oct. 28, 2014, at the age of 81. He was a long time resident of Manley Hot Springs and Fairbanks, Alaska.

Al was a charismatic, happy, enthusiastic, optimist of many talents and experiences, who said he always enjoyed life wherever he happened to be. He was born in Worcester, Mass. He moved to Peacham, Vt. with his parents when he was in the 7th grade, and lived on the dairy farm belonging to his grandparents. He grew up in that farm country and remembered it so fondly that he chose to have his ashes buried at the foot of an old maple tree in the pasture where he remembered fetching the cows when he was a barefoot boy.

Al attended his freshman year at the Trade School in St. Johnsbury, Vt. and finished high school at Peacham Academy where he excelled in the sports he loved, graduating in the class of 1952. That same year he entered the Air Force, with basic training at Lackland AFB in Texas, then to Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wy. In 1953 he was transferred to a remote radar station in Takotna, Alaska. In 1955 he was deployed to Lake Charles, La. and married his Alaskan sweetheart, Rose Miller. Upon Honorable Discharge from the Air Force in August 1956, he returned to Vermont with his wife and young daughter and farmed for several years until returning to Alaska in 1962.

Al lived his Alaska dream for more than 40 years, hunting, trapping, and flying his Super Cub aircraft. He was Maintenance Supervisor of the City of Cordova, Alaska for six years in the 1960s, and was a drilling supervisor on the Alaska Pipeline route in the 1970s. In the 1980s he lived in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska where he worked his small placer gold mine, had a small sawmill operation, built several cabins and met his second wife, Paulette Bea (Wagle) O’Brien. In the 1990s they happily lived summers in Manley and winters in Fairbanks. They had just begun spending part of their winters in Tucson, Ariz., when pancreatic cancer struck and quickly took Al’s life.

Al is survived by his widow, Paulette “Bea” Hagen in Fairbanks and his adult children: Karen Andrulli Brooks in Wasilla, Alaska, and Douglas Miles Hagen in Cumberland, Wisconsin, as well as his sisters Gayle Hatch, Woodsville, N.H., Marilyn Petrie, Peacham, Vt., and brother Lee “Buddy” Hagen of Lynden, Wash. He is also survived by his grandchildren and numerous nieces, nephews and friends. He was predeceased by his parents, Gwendolyn Somers Hagen and Oscar W. Hagen, his sister, Carole Hagen, and two adult children: Albert Hagen Jr., and Richard Dean Hagen, and his first wife, Rose Miller Hagen, of Takotna, Alaska, who was the mother of all his children.

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