Benjamin Gabriel (Gabe) Parisi Obituary

Benjamin Gabriel (Gabe) Parisi

11/12/1996 – 11/6/2021

Benjamin Gabriel (Gabe) Parisi was born on Nov. 12, 1996 to Matthew Parisi Jr. and Kimberly Parisi in St. Albans, Vermont. Ben grew up in Georgia, Vermont, he was home-schooled and then attended and graduated from East Burke School in 2014. Ben began working for the family business, Parisi Masonry while still in high school. Ben continued his work in the family business for over the next six years. He started his career as a Tender and worked alongside his father, grandfather, brothers, and friends. Ben had earned a position in the company as a Mason as he planned to take over the company as the third generation. Gabe, as he was affectionately known among the crew was always one to stir up trouble and keep everyone laughing. He had a passion for specialized large stone construction, the bigger the better!

In 2018 Ben purchased his house, always bragging about being the first sibling to buy his own home. Ben, his friends and family poured countless hours renovating the old farmhouse into his forever home. Many nights and weekends were spent digging out the basement, building his bedroom dormer and tearing down walls. These moments will live in his loved one’s hearts forever, the love for Ben lives in the very home that his younger brother David has taken on in memory of him.

Just like his dad, Ben had a love for expensive hobbies. Ben got his hands on anything with a motor. At an early age Ben would fly around the house on his little Kitty Kat, he then graduated to a ZR 120 and continued to move up the line getting the fastest snowmobiles available to him. He would wish for snow as soon as it melted in the spring. In the summer he would preoccupy himself with dirt bikes, RC cars, and boats. Ben’s friends tried to keep up with his hobbies jumping from one thing to another, living the good life. Ben instigated everything, leading his crew into mischief and then blamed them when it didn’t work out. If you wanted to find anyone you knew to just where to go, Ben’s. Although he played it off that he enjoyed his alone time he loved to be the place that people went to just hang out.

Ben was someone you just wanted to be around. His genuine personality and tell it to you straight mentality made him the person to go to. He told you how it was and then gave you a hug to fix it. His bear hugs could wrap around his entire family lifting us off the floor. His warmth made you feel safe and at home, he was big in person and in heart. He played the big brother role to his friends by living by “do as I say, not as I do” rule always having advice for everything you did.

Ben lived each and every moment to the fullest, enjoying life to the best of his ability. Ben couldn’t wait to be an uncle, he was great with kids and always took the time to make them laugh. His future nephews and nieces with all know the love he would have shared with them, they will hear countless stories about their Uncle Ben. Ben will always stay so close to our hearts, living through us.

“Life’s too short to worry about everything, enjoy the little moments”- Ben

Other Ben”isms”… “If you aren’t having fun at work then what are you even doing?”;

“Whatssssss up?”; “You’ll have that”; “This summer was brought to you by 70 hr. workweeks, 2 bottles of Advil, tons of energy drinks, and a bunch of good friends”;

“I know I’m two days late, but whatever, happy national siblings day suckers”;

“You can’t fix stupid but you can sit back and laugh as the disaster unfolds”;

“Am I an a$$hole? Yes. Does it make it any less funny? No.”

Ben is survived by his parents Matthew J Parisi Jr. and Kimberly M. Parisi; their partners Starr Lee McGregor and Michael Senna. He leaves behind his siblings, Matthew, Dominique, Francesca, and David. He also leaves behind many beloved family members and friends.

Calling hours will be held from 2-5 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 14, 2021 at Guibord-Pearsons Funeral Home located at 15 Main St. Lyndonville, VT 05851

Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021 at St. Elizabeth’s Church, located at 610 Hill St. Lyndonville, VT 05851. Burial to follow at Pleasant View Cemetery in Newark, Vt.

The family would like to ask that guests wear flannel, red if at all possible, jeans, and work boots for both the calling hours and funeral service.

Luncheon will be held at Ben’s after the burial at 135 East Ridge Rd., West Burke, VT 05871

Memories and condolences may be shared with family at

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