Craig Allan Harmon - Obituary

Craig Harmon

Craig Allan Harmon died at his home in Lancaster, N.H. Aug. 8. He was born on June 14, 1957 in Caribou, Maine, where his parents Barbara (Jasper) and Philip Harmon raised him. Craig learned the value of work early in life picking potatoes in The County. In his teen years he learned to ski at Mars Hill and with his father, he joined the ski patrol as a volunteer.

After high school he worked in the Central Supply department at Cary Hospital in Caribou, Maine for several years before making his way south to New Hampshire on a bicycle trip where he ultimately took a job making snow at Loon Mountain. Occasionally, he returned to Mars Hill to help out with its snowmaking system.

Throughout his active life, Craig rode his bicycle from Maine to Florida, from the west coast to the Rockies, and from Montreal to his New Hampshire home. He and his sweetheart Lucy also enjoyed the San Juan Islands together as well as a trip from Bellingham, Wash. to San Francisco in the fall of 2000.

A car accident late in 2000 left Craig a quadriplegic. Although totally dependent on others and unable to do the things he loved, he remained his affable self. In 19 years he never complained about his situation, although on many a winter eve he would tell friends that the thing he missed most was cross-country skiing under a full moon on a well-groomed trail.

Craig was an excellent cook, and after losing the use of his hands he was able to instruct his family, friends and aides to conjure up fabulous chowders, soups, entrees, as well as an incredible repertoire of outdoor grilling delights. Enamored of Riesling wines early on, Craig ultimately turned his attention to creating world class margaritas.

Craig’s patience in adversity, his incredible powers of observation and attentiveness, and his wry sense of humor were gifts he gave freely to his friends. Although he required physical assistance for even the simplest task, he required no psychological assistance. Rather, he was a source of comfort for friends dealing with personal crises.

Craig loved wild nature. The antics of birds, butterflies, and family pets gave him great pleasure. He greatly enjoyed golf, was an attentive Red Sox fan, and a talented card player who routinely gave lessons in humility to those brave enough to challenge him.

Craig’s intellect and generous heart endeared him to everyone who knew him or met him, however briefly. He had a gift for putting people at ease, and children especially seemed to be drawn to his gentle, non-judgmental spirit.

Craig is survived by his partner of 29 years Lucy Wyman, his sister Brenda Jenkins of Caribou, his brother Gary Harmon of Portland, three nieces Molly, Lori, Michelle and her two children Griffin and Simone.

Contributions may be made in his memory to Granite State Independent Living, 21 Chenelle Drive, Concord, NH 03301, or the Weeks Memorial Library in Lancaster, NH 03584.

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