Richard Gilfillan, 68 of Kirby, passed away on Friday, July 24, 2020. He was born Feb. 16, 1952 to the late Luman and Gladys (Young) Gilfillan in East Concord, Vt.

Richard grew up in many places, including Connecticut and California, coming to Vermont in 2015. He worked in the warehouse at Dobles Chevrolet for many years as a laborer.

Richard is survived by his son, Richard A. Gilfillan, II of Maine; daughters: Michelle Gilfillan (Harold Marcy) of Kirby, Ruby Carter (Sam) of Lisbon, N.H., and Jennifer Wyman (Dennis) of Florida; grandchildren: Christian Roy (Jasmine) and Isabella Gilfillan; and great grandchild Prudence Roy.

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Kristi Cosner

Richard Gilfillan was an abusive alcoholic, a child molester and on the sex offenders list. The world is a better place now that he's gone. I want to know who is responsible for listing my daughter's name as one of his grandchildren? He and my daughter never met. Not once. Because I don't let my kids hang out with predators. I am so furious right now. My daughter never had a grandfather. And her name should certainly not be in this obituary. I want to know who did this.

Jennifer Wyman

Kristi Cosner, you are one special person to bash a dead man who can't defend himself. Who are you to bash this whole family and call each and every one of them trash when you never knew the family. Especially since you are a drug addict who married a child whose only 2 years older than your son? Who the heck are you to run your not so perfect mouth? No matter what, this man has passed and his family is grieving. Be respectful of the dead.

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