Observant animal lovers can find one of those “awwww” moments almost anywhere. Some time ago, while surfing the Internet, there were two items on freekibble.com and another on a news feed from ABC.

Freekibble.com is a free site whose sponsors provide dog and cat kibble and scoops of cat litter to shelters around the country for every “hit” to its website when questions are answered (right or wrong answers trigger the donation but there is much to learn from the daily prompts). On the day in question the dog section showed a dog waiting for her master to go to work. Once alone, Allie, the white lab, raided the trash, then approached the freezer and began removing items. Soon thereafter she returned to the kitchen and opened the doors to the refrigerator and began taking items from the shelves. Apparently Allie had been coached by a friend of the owner to open a drawer where her toys were kept. Armed with this knowledge she was able to expand her horizons in the food department. With the aid of a hidden camera the owner was able to determine the culprit causing the mess in his kitchen which occurred on a regular basis.

The freekibble cat site reported that a nursing home in Michigan has a 6 month old kitten, adopted from a shelter, living at the home and entertaining the residents. Considering a therapy animal, the administration thought that a cat might require lower maintenance than a dog. They went to the shelter planning to “consider” a cat and it was love at first sight for the kitten that now has a forever home with the residents.

By stumbling across “dog rides bus” through one of the Internet search engines, the antics of Eclipse were found. Living in Seattle, Eclipse has ridden the public transit system with her owner. She is now familiar with the route between her home and the local dog park, so when her owner is delayed she will wait alone at the bus stop, board the bus, locate a seat beside a window, and watch for the dog park stop. Fellow passengers seem to enjoy her company and the drivers know her. According to Eclipse’s owner the drivers and passengers are amused and her presence on this mission makes their day.

Whether mischievous, therapy oriented, or just plain independent, animals can make people smile. They can add such a joyous dimension to the lives they touch. Consider adoption today.

Pat Jauch is secretary of Caledonia Animal Rescue Inc., P.O. Box 4054, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819.


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