St. Johnsbury Band Names Deanne Wheeler Lifetime Member

courtesy photo

Conductor Gary Aubin is with new lifetime member Deanna Wheeler and the lifetime member plaque.

At its annual meeting last fall, the St. Johnsbury Band named long-time member Deanna Wheeler of Lyndonville to lifetime membership. Wheeler has played in the flute and piccolo section of the band for more than 40 years.

Wheeler has also been a leader in the Lyndonville Band, serving as conductor, manager and musician over the years.

In addition to naming lifetime members, the band also elects officers and approves a budget at the annual meeting. Officers for the 2012-2013 year include Dave Hare of Danville (manager) and Jim McGregor of St. Johnsbury (assistant manager). Diane Wyllie and Peter Fichte (both of St. Johnsbury) are secretary and treasurer, respectively. Gary Aubin of St. Johnsbury remains the band's conductor, along with assistant conductors Edie Ann Emery of Monroe, N.H., and Kirsten Harter of St. Johnsbury. The band board of trustees includes Debi Smith of St. Johnsbury, Joan Tyler Mead of Monroe, N.H., and Susan Gallagher of Lyndon.

In other business, the band added the name of former member Charlie Priest to its remembrance plaque. The remembrance plaque honors past members for their contributions to the band.

Following its end-of-season holiday concert with the Lyndon State College Community Chorus Dec. 15, the band is looking forward to resuming Monday evening rehearsals, which take place at the Court House starting at 7 p.m. All are invited to dust off an old instrument and come to a rehearsal. The next rehearsal is scheduled for January 14. For more information, contact the band manager Dave Hare at


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