Bethlehem Elementary School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the third trimester of the 2013-2014 school year.

Grade 6: Aja Coulstring, Iris Miller-White, Ginn Sato and Lyndsi Stone.

Grade 5: Jessie Church, Karli Daly, Ava Garneau, Max Ritter, Aidan Roberge, Natalia Soto Leslie, Zachary Stanley, Emma Tuohy and Rachel Westover.

Grade 4: Gabriel Bonilla, Alyssa Coulstring, MacKenzie Craig, Kira Joseph, Sierra Knapp, Jason McCullock and Claire Safford.

Grade 6: Connor Ash, Andrew Eastman, Kylie Ingerson, Payton MacKinnon, Rylee Ruggles and Tevon Safford.

Grade 5: Charles Astuto, Karli Daly, Serena Devlin, Karleen Kennedy-Wright, Scott Lane, Uttham Manning, Samantha Potter, Camron Raichle, Aspen Stevens, Aiden Walker and Jordan Walker.

Grade 4: James Astuto, Jackson Glavac, Jacob Hepburn, Orrin Johnson, Andrew Paradise, Vivienne Pinkham, Mackenzie Ryan, Kiran Sherburn, Olivia Sherman, Lane Tuohy and Aurora Ward.


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