Burke Town School recently announced those students achieving the fourth quarter Principal's List, Honor Roll, Students of the Quarter for the 2013-2014 academic year, and Council of Students for the 2014-2015 school year.

Grade 8: Joseph Wray

Grade 7: Jack Clarner

Grade 8: Autumn Chamberlain, Laurel Goodwin, Colin Gallagher and Camden Bean.

Grade 7: Riley Deth

Grade 6: Lauren Chamberlain, Tate Norwood and Haley Ott.

Grade 8: Makenzie Murray, Jocelyn Pike, Delanie Ruggles, Bridget Webber and Mason Wilson.

Grade 7: Stephanie Pinkerton, Adrian Burrington, Aidan Hale, Izzy Marceau and Kathryn Newland.

Grade 6: Michael Bandy, Sadie Chamberlain, Lars DeGeorge, Timothy Goodwin, Jackson Murray, Devin Newland, Hunter Palmieri, Jake Paquette, Garrett Rice, Shelby Ruggles and Victoria Valentine.

Grade 2: Taylor Callahan, Camden Henderson-Bruce, Thomas Houghton, Nicholas Medina, Maison Owen, Davan Russell, Makyia Sarazin, Curtis Wheeler and Riddick Wyman.

Grade 3: Hunter Beer, Adriana Burris, Luke Clarner, Sara Fernald,Zach Hale, Barrett Hibshman, Emmett Hinman, Jackson Holderby, Calley Humphrey, Nya Jewell, Colin Kelley, Nico MacDonald, Levi Machell, Lilyan Miller, Logan Miller, Noah Murray, Ellery Norwood, Chelsea Ott, Tydus Percy, Joy Rugles, Jordan Sawyer and Garett Shatney.

Grade 4: Hannah Angell, Aiden Bogie, Tucker Chapman, Arya DeGeorge, Zack Ekasala, Catrina Gallagher, Samantha Gilman, Adalia Griffith, David Kantor, Dylan Miller, Emma Newland, Gabrielle Rice, Sophie Roush, Abigail Roy, Avery Tomczyk, Brittany Webber and Thayne Wyman.

Grade 5: Justin Knowles, Emily Deth, Tia Martin, Millie Clarner, Merrick Hemond, Josh Jurentkuff, Kelleigh Simpson and Lily Wagner.

Grade 6: Michael Bandy, Lauren Chamberlain, Sadie Chamberlain, Lars DeGeorge, Tim Goodwin, Jackson Murray, Tate Norwood, Haley Ott, Devin Newland, Garrett Rice, Shelby Kantor and Vicky Valentine.

Grade 7: Jack Clarner, Riley Deth, Aidan Hale, Chelsey Humphrey, Teanna Liberty, Izzy Marceay, Kathryn Newland, Stephanie Pinkerton, Quinn Stevens and Ariel Switser.

Grade 8: Camden Bean, Autumn Chamberlain, Laurel Goodwin, Makenzie Murray, Jocelyn Pike, Delanie Ruggles, Mason Wilson, Bridget Webber and Joseph Wray.

Newly elected members who will serve on the Council of Students: Hunter Palmieri, Garrett Rice, Lauren Chamberlain, Sadie Chamberlain and Kathryn Newland.


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