To tip one’s hat: a fabulous expression whereas literally the brim of one’s hat is raised or tilted as a salutation, greeting, or nod of respect. It is an act of admiration for what someone has done. The act of tipping such as for a waiter in a restaurant demonstrates appreciation for their services. As of this week, George Sales, owner of Pica-Pica Restaurant, has implemented new product pricing that will factor in the traditional and historical service charges into the pricing to boost employee wages but also relieve customers from the separate gratuities expectation. Pica-Pica Filipino Cuisine at 1214 Main St, St Johnsbury. Find them online at or call 802-424-1585.

A lifelong interest in health led Annika McCann along a professional path where she accrued experience as a trained herbalist, registered nurse, and certified health coach. Her interest in medical cures led to her research into cannabis pharmacology and the endocannabinoid system, and included experimenting with CBD. Cannabidiol, CBD, is an active ingredient in cannabis derived from the hemp plant. Annika said, “I was amazed by the powerful effect it had on both physical and mental health ailments. Using my skills as a practicing herbalist and my medical knowledge I decided to make my own CBD oil. I source hemp from a third-generation farm in Essex, Vermont and handcraft the CBD oil from scratch.” All Primal Botanical products are made locally in St Johnsbury. Currently Primal Botanicals can be found at the local farmers’ markets held weekly in Littleton, Lyndonville, St Johnsbury, Danville, at a few local chiropractic and acupuncturist practices, and locally at The Grindstone Cafe & Wellness Center, Village sport Shop Trailside, Bread & Butter Cafe, Littleton Food Coop, and Interiors Green. Annika hopes to increase distribution that will enable her business to expand. Product information is available via the website,, and may be ordered by email at

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