Business WatcH: Hair Studio Opens In St. Johnsbury

There’s a boost in positive energy in Littleton, adding fuel to it is the revitalization activities by LEAD, Littleton Entertainment And Development, LLC. Co-founders Shelby Stevenson and Meg Brown are a husband and wife duo on a mission to lead Littleton in revitalizing entertainment and events while supporting and developing small businesses in the community. Shelby and Meg live and work in Littleton, Shelby at the New England Wire Mill and Meg is owner/operator of Miss MegaBug, a marketing education and business mentoring business. Together they operate LEAD as a for-profit business on a non-profit model.

Meg shared, “All proceeds from investments, donations, and events are reinvested back into the community. We, the founders, do not receive a salary or compensation for our involvement.” LEAD is a fully transparent and non-partisan organization. Meg and Shelby are guided by advisors in the Littleton business community specifically Stewart Gates, Business Advisor with NHSBDC, Janet Parker, Owner of Littleton Office Supply, and Chad Stearns, Community Relationship Banker at Mascoma Bank. LEAD launched in September of 2020 with the Festival of Trees held at the Littleton Opera House.

Meg, a southern NH native, has fond memories of the SeaFestival of Trees, a Seacoast holiday tradition. Starting with the Festival of Trees, LEAD’s engagement has grown. Meg said, “Shelby and I are a good team, our interests are well-aligned and our skills complement one another. He has an engineering background and attends to the structure and details while I am a marketing professional bursting with creative ideas!” The Littleton Area Festival of Trees is a current entertainment project while Main Street development projects are being worked on behind the scenes. There is lots of opportunity for growth and volunteers are important. The website,, has a Get Involved section with a list of volunteer opportunities thoughtfully detailed. Littleton Entertainment And Development, LLC maintains an office at the Tannery in Littleton. For additional information visit the website

In addition to co-founding LEAD, Meg Brown is a business and marketing mentor at Miss MegaBug. Entrepreneurial by nature, at age 18 Meg started her first business MegaBug Photography providing portrait and wedding photography. It was through this 8-year business that she began honing her skills in marketing and business development. She soon realized that she liked working with small businesses more so than wedding photography and with her competence with computers and technology started a marketing business with a friend. Eventually going out on her own, she launched her own company, Miss MegaBug, branding it as a fun business designed to provide tangible, actionable skills through online business and marketing courses helping aspiring entrepreneurs start their own businesses and assisting established small business owners grow with marketing. With learn at your own pace online courses developed to simplify marketing using step by step instructions, Meg shared, “I created the online courses to be the resource I didn’t have when establishing my businesses. I eliminate the intimidation people feel about marketing and enable them to grow a thriving business,” adding, “Miss MegaBug offers a DeBug Your Business guide to transform from a stressed-out, confused entrepreneur to a boss with a plan.” To learn more and connect with Meg Brown, business and marketing mentor, at Miss MegaBug, visit

Built in 1840, the Newbury Village Store continues to strengthen its foundation. Owner Melissa Battersby recently replaced the front porch with new wood sourced from Newbury. The Newbury Village Store states on an average day they receive 400+ people in and out of the store, and are open 360 days a year. Conservatively that is 144,000 pairs of shoes and boots over the floorboards each year since the building was built in 1840. The new front porch features handrails on every column to increase safety and ease. The work is complete and continues to offer a view of the Newbury Common. The Newbury Village Store offers a country store experience with so much more. Located at 4991 Main Street South in Newbury, call (802) 866-5681 or visit for more information.

Now open on Railroad Street, Enhance Hair Studio owned by Tiffany Johnson. Tiffany had been a hairstylist renting a booth at Silver Scissors Salon and Spa in the same location for 8 years. When the Silver Scissors owner decided to move on to other career opportunities, Tiffany saw this as the chance for her to step in and launch her own business. Working with two other licensed cosmetologists, Holly Pierce and Destiny Corliss, Enhance is open and welcoming clients to the full-service salon also offering manicure and pedicure services. Both Holly and Destiny are known in the area having worked at Shear Sensations in Lyndonville. They joined Tiffany at Enhance looking for a smaller setting. Holly has over 20 years of experience as a hairstylist, Destiny has been working in the industry since 2017. Tiffany said, “The salon’s name Enhance some from the meaning to intensify, increase, or further improve the quality and value. I always tell our clients that we’re here to enhance their beauty.” Tiffany freshened everything up with new decor and fixtures. The salon has easy accessible parking in an off-street lot. Now open, Enhance Hair Studio is located at 594 Railroad Street in St Johnsbury, (802) 424-1499.

If you have business news and/or a new business discovery you’d like to share please send an email to I am always happy to shine a light on your business and our shared region.


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