Business WatcH: Veterans Expand Service Mission

V2VG Thrift Store founders Eric and Jen McNail (seated from the left) were overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity of V2VG volunteers who came together for a full day to assist with a huge inventory donation. V2VG Thrift is located in Franconia. Pictured are from bottom left: Eric McNail, Jen McNail, Bonnie. Second row: Brendon, Rebecca, Nancy, Ken Hartman (the kid), Amy, Gene. Back row from left: Dante, Sean, Kyle, Miro, Glen. Not pictured: Chuck and Tim. (Contributed photo)

“Since 2002, Discover St Johnsbury (previously known as the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce) has stimulated and promoted the vitality of St. Johnsbury’s cultural, commercial, and community resources through destination marketing, producing community events, support for local businesses, and other economic and community development activities. The organization combines the commercial goals of a business alliance with the structure of a designated downtown organization,” shared Gillian Sewake, Director of Discover St Johnsbury. “The St Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce has rebranded, changing the organization’s public-facing name to Discover St. Johnsbury,” she added.

A strong and clear community brand helps a community differentiate itself to achieve revitalization and economic development goals and unify the stakeholders’ core identity. By promoting Discover St Johnsbury as the brand, the essence of the community, its’ reputation, values, and community-wide expectations, are communicated. The rebranding emphasizes the organization’s pillars: Legacy of the Fairbanks Family, Rails and Trails, Architecture, Maple Center of the World, and Creative Community. These pillars promote history, innovation, interconnectivity, arts and culture. The organization frames these under Play/Shop/Eat/Stay categories that promote and stimulate economic and community development activities. Discover St Johnsbury is a robust organization that will always benefit from additional support. For more information reach out to Executive Director Gillian Sewake at (802) 748-8575, on the web, and at the headquarters located at the St Johnsbury Welcome Center, 51 Depot Square Suite 100 in downtown St Johnsbury.

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