by Gail P. Montany

For those of you who simply cannot get enough of the Ames/Rich'sIWal-Mart saga, here's a little news flash: Wal-Mart, currently honeymooning in Vermont (what with two screamingly successful stores newly opened here), has apparently not given up hope for the hand of St. Johnsbury.

Though the retail giant was outbid by Ames in its efforts to buy the lease on the Green Mountain Mall Rich's two weeks ago, it is still eyeing the market, said Wal-Mart spokesman Les Copeland.

Guess what site they plan to pursue next? (Hint: it's a 43,OOO-square-foot building on Hospital Drive occupied by a store whose four-letter name begins with A.)

CPM Inc., the Ryegate papermill which was bought out by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation nearly two years ago, has filed an Act 250 state land use permit to expand its Route 5 operation.

CPM environmental engineer Joe Lemanski said the company will add the capability to make a more technically complex grade of paper than the fairly low-grade brown kraft paper they produce now. Lemanski likened the difference between old and new products to selling sugar versus producing Coca-Cola.

CPM will add a new 75-foot by 269-foot bulk storage building, a 82-foot by 48-foot facility for the new infrared burner control and processing equipment, and remove the old rail unloading platform and build a big new one as part of the new warehouse. Lemanski expects the project to be done by September, weather permitting.

Odd as the notion seems now, steamy weather will be upon us in no time (OK, four months) and thoughts of hot cocoa replaced with cravings for ice cream.

No one knows this better than Casey and Cindy Rodd, who own Bishop's Homemade on Mill Street in St. Johnsbury. Plans are in the works to build a satellite take-out shop at 58 Portland St., next to the Big Apple mini-mart. Sometime within the next two weeks, they will tear down down the existing apartment house on the site, which was damaged in a fire last year, and build a 16-foot by 24-foot building.

And what a building it will be: white with black cow spots (a la Vermont artist Woody Jackson, the one who did Ben & amp; Jerry's), and red-andwhite roof panels. Casey Rodd said the ice cream shop will open by May 1, offering the same great treats as the home store.

Former Newport Caledonian-Record sales representative Mary Paull has just taken over as economic development coordinator for Northeastern Vermont Development Association's Newport office.

Paull replaces Forest Buckland, who recently retired after serving on a part-time basis for the past few years. Paull's duties include managmg the Incubator Building that houses NVDA and several other businesses, including our satellite newsroom, assisting businesses, pursuing grants and recruiting new business to the area.

By the way, Erica Poutre has taken Paull's place as sales rep for The Caledonian-Record.

We were remiss in failing to note the opening ofa new East Burke restaurant six weeks ago.

Darling's, at the Mountain View Creamery and Bed & amp; Breakfast on panoramic Darling Hill Road, is open to the public Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (and Sundays on holiday weekends).

Owner Marilyn Pastore said the menu includes seasonal (French feta cheese now, grilled summer vegetables later - yum!) and vegetarian selections and other creative fare. She will also be tripling the size of the garden to accommodate the restaurant expansion. Reservations recommended.

Phelps Enterprises of St. Johasbury is poised to open its seventh Music Shop/Trends store in Claremont, N.H.

On March 1, the former Record Giant in the Marketplace Plaza on Washington Street will open under the supervision of Randall Parrish, providing compact disc and cassette recordings, audio-video accessories and several new lines ofT-shirts, candles, gifts and other entertainmentrelated items.

Company officials say the Trends store in the Green Mountain Mall is a resounding success story.


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