Casella Waste Systems, Inc. is expanding its commercial food waste collection routes into Northern New Hampshire.

Business owners in the towns of Bethlehem, Dalton, Littleton, and Whitefield will now have access to food waste collection in addition to the standard waste and recycling already being offered.

“We’ve been recycling food waste and other organics for more than 20 years and we view this as the next phase in that evolution as we expand our collection services,” said Casella Chairman and CEO John W. Casella. “Recovering food waste and diverting it from a landfill puts it to a higher and better use whether it is through composting, feeding animals, or creating energy.”

Nearly 500 businesses in the four North Country towns will be receiving more information on how to sign up and participate.

“These four towns in the North Country have all shown a desire to be more sustainable, and from a routing standpoint it makes a lot of sense to run our routes here as we are already providing the service to neighboring towns in Vermont,” Casella said. “If there is enough demand in this market, we could continue to add customers in more towns and possibly add drop off locations at transfer stations.”

For more information, call 802-549-6009 or visit


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Jon Swan

Geez, it's about time! Casella has only been in business for nearly 50 years. While John is trying to tout 20 years, let's not forget they tried to prevent VT's implementation of their food waste ban in 2020 during the pandemic. Casella is obviously reading the writing on the wall, that food waste diversion is a priority amongst people who actually care about our environment and landfill capacity preservation. Welcome to the party, Mr. Casella, better late than never.

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