Chamber Made Column: How Two Different Times Are Remarkably The Same

The contents of the purse gifted to Darcie McCann from her grandmother are a buffalo nickel from 1927, Liberty dimes from 1925 and 1935, a Liberty quarter dollar from 1930 and a small, blue ration coin, distributed during World War II to obtain processed foods in this country. (Courtesy Photo)

In the two months since we have been shuttered indoors due to the threat of the Covid-19 virus, I have thought quite a bit about my parents and how they managed to live through the Great Depression and World War II. It is a question not far from many minds this week, as Friday was the 75th anniversary of V-E Day or Victory in Europe Day, the day when Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies.

From the late 1920s, stretching into the 1940s, those times were defined by great austerity, as the world faced not only economic but world conflicts. Businesses closed, bread lines formed and when the war started, the entire Earth seemed to be fighting each other in every corner of the globe. Hope was a scarce commodity during those many years. I have wondered in the past two months whether we have learned lessons from the bravery, grit and determination from that era, as we go through our own challenge right now?


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