The opioid epidemic in New Hampshire knows no socio-economic or age boundaries. It impacts families, friends, schools, the work place and our communities at large. Drug courts are achieving results in combating drug and alcohol addiction and helping participants become productive, employed members of their community. Here in New Hampshire, those successes are due to the help of some very special ‘friends.’

The Friends of New Hampshire Drug Courts, formerly known as the Friends of the Grafton County Drug Court, is the first in the nation statewide nonprofit Drug Court support organization. Founded to support NH’s first drug court, started in Grafton County, the Friends now support all seven established Drug Courts in New Hampshire, located in Grafton, Belknap, Cheshire, Hillsborough, Rockingham and Strafford counties.

While the NH Drug Court provides the framework for the alternative sentencing program, the Friends provide the financial incentives, loans, and training needed to help participants establish new, healthy, and productive lives. They do this without taxpayer dollars, but rather with privately raised funding and community support.

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank is one of those supporters.

“The work done by the Friends of New Hampshire Drug Courts adds tremendous value to the process for Drug Court participants,” said Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank President Jim Graham. “I continue to be extremely impressed by the success stories and by the dedication of the Friends to ensure the courts’ continued success.”

“The drug epidemic touches us all in so many ways, and it’s important for everyone that our Drug Courts succeed,” said Ed Rajsteter, President of Friends of New Hampshire Drug Courts. “We are so grateful for the community’s support as the need grows and program expands.”

Tax-deductible gifts may be made to Friends of New Hampshire Drug Courts and mailed to P.O. Box 326, North Haverhill, NH 03774.

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank is a New Hampshire state-chartered savings bank headquartered in Woodsville, with nine banking offices in the communities of Woodsville, Piermont, Lisbon, Littleton, Lancaster, Plymouth, and Franconia. For more information, call 1-800-564-2735, visit the bank’s website at, or find them on Facebook.


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