Garnet Hill Employees Help Ready Copper Cannon For Summer Campers

More than 100 Garnet Hill employee volunteers spent a day preparing Copper Cannon in Bethlehem for the annual influx of summer campers.

FRANCONIA, N.H. — Employees of Garnet Hill, headquartered in Franconia, continued its support for Copper Cannon Camp in Bethlehem by volunteering time to help it get ready for the season of camping.

Since the first campers arrived in 1963, the summer camp has served more than 20,000 children in New Hampshire, providing an enriching experience free of charge for kids who could not otherwise afford it. Set amongst the evergreens, the camp encompasses 128 acres – considerable land for a non-profit to maintain.

“We are in the life-changing business. For many of the children it may be the first time they have three meals a day, interact with positive adult role models, or even know where they will sleep at night. For 56 summers, Copper Cannon has made a difference and for the last 11 years Garnet Hill has provided immeasurable support to our core mission through these clean-up days. Each summer, the children see improvements made possible through the hundreds of Garnet Hill employees.” said Peter Christnacht, executive director at Garnet Hill.

Approximately 100 Garnet Hill employees arrived at Copper Cannon on June 6 and went to work with shovels, wheelbarrows, brooms, chainsaws, hammers, ladders, paintbrushes and strong coffee. By day’s end, a new dock floated on the camp pond. Brush had been cleared, gardens planted, cabins cleaned, windows washed, and murals painted.

“Garnet Hill is so excited to participate in our 11th year of support for the Copper Cannon Youth Camp in Bethlehem, N.H. This is an incredible opportunity to help get the camp ready for all the campers who will attend this amazing summer experience. It is also a great day for our all our employees to come together to build, paint, garden, and have fun while making sure the camp is in great condition for opening day. This is truly one of our most enjoyable company events of the year,” said Sandi Summerson, senior vice president of Merchandising & Creative.


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