Littleton Co-op Featuring New Artwork In Cafe

Blue Cow by Valery Mahuchy

The Littleton food co-op is featuring paintings by artist Valery Mahuchy in the cafe.

Valery was born in Belarus and is a graduate from Sculpture Department of the National Academy of the Arts in Minsk, Belarus. He is a professional sculptor and painter based out of 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center in Bethlehem. He has participated in solo exhibitions in Belarus, Germany, and group exhibitions in Belarus, Russia, Germany and the United States. His work has been displayed in Belarus museums and private collections around the world.

The exhibit at the Co-op is called Cow View.

“When I look into the eyes of a Cow, it seems to be the whole universe is reflected in them - the sky, the present, the past, the future is possible,” he stated. “The Cow is unique, mysterious and mythological creature. For example, it does not eat other animals but provides food itself and is food for almost all living things. She is part of nature as a symbol of helplessness, rationality and multi-color.”

Grab some food, a refreshing drink and head for the Co-op Art Cafe. Indulge in the vision of color, the Cow and the creativity of Valery Mahuchy.

Member-owned Littleton Food Co-op is at the intersection of Cottage Street and Route 302 (exit 41 off I-93). Everyone is welcome to shop and anyone is welcome to join.


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