Local People Accepted Into Vermont Leadership Institute

From left are Nick Anzalone, Rebecca McGregor and Leah Rexford, local people who were recently accepted into the Vermont Leadership Institute. (Contributed Photos)

The Snelling Center for Government’s Vermont Leadership Institute announced Friday that local people Nicolas Anzalone, Rebecca McGregor and Leah Rexford will be a part of the next class.

Anzalone, of St. Johnsbury, is the VP of Engineering at The Achievement Network. McGregor, of St. Johnsbury, is a dance teacher at Lyndon Institute in Lyndon Center. Rexford, of South Wheelock, is the Nurse Manager for the Operating Room/PACU at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hosptial in St. Johnsbury.

They are among 23 other leaders in the state to be part of the 27th Vermont Leadership Institute cohort.

First launched in 1995, the Vermont Leadership Institute (VLI) seeks to immerse participants in some of the most important issues facing Vermont while inspiring them to take thoughtful action and work effectively to lead transformative change both professionally and personally, thereby making greater contributions to their organizations, communities and Vermont.

The Class of 2022 kicked off their leadership journey with Opening Retreat at the end of September. Over the next eight months, the cohort will delve into a myriad of topics, including but not limited to personal leadership adaptation, complex systems thinking and innovation, public policy, and leadership paradigms that actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for all Vermonters. After building meaningful networks and relationships and gaining valuable support and resources, they will join more than 600 VLI graduates who are making a difference in Vermont: leading innovative businesses, creating award-winning non-profits, serving in the legislature and state government, and volunteering in their communities.

To learn more about the Vermont Leadership Institute and the Snelling Center’s other professional development programs, visit www.snellingcenter.org or call 802-859-3090.


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Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Basically the program is way for the elite to discover and then groom those who are susceptible to their Globalist indoctrination to destroy our Freedom. "Sustainability and inclusion" are propaganda buzz words that are dead giveaways.

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