The Vermont Medical Society Education & Research Foundation (VMSERF) recently announced the 2022 cohort of the Physician Executive Leadership Institute Foundational Course, which commences remotely this January.

The VMSERF leadership course is offered in partnership with the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership and Lumunos Clinician Well-Being Services.

“Perhaps more than ever before, physicians and PAs are being asked to step up and skillfully lead rapid change throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the VMS Foundation’s Jill Sufhoff-Guerin. “Every clinician is being called upon to bring their leadership skills and management styles to the forefront to ensure the best outcomes for Vermont patients. VMSERF is pleased to continue to offer an experiential learning opportunity that will enhance and fine-tune valuable leadership skills and concepts for a statewide cohort of Vermont physicians and PAs.”

This year’s class consists of 19 participants – both physicians and physician assistants – from a broad range of specialties and employment settings, including Alexandra Bannach, M.D. of North Country Pediatrics in Newport. Born and raised in Germany, Dr. Bannach was board-certified in Germany, then did her residency and boards in the US. “Came to Vermont 18 years ago for work and am still in the same practice,” she stated. “Grew from new hire to medical director with all the attached responsibilities and fun.”

Thirteen clinicians graduated from the course that started in the fall of 2020. VMS President Simha Ravven, M.D., chief medical officer at the Howard Center and assistant clinical professor in Law and Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine, had these words for the recent graduates:

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to push all of us into leadership roles, whether in our practice or our communities. Although you won’t always have the answers, this leadership course will help you develop the empathy, the experience and the management skills that are essential in navigating the new world of health care that is rapidly emerging out of the hard lessons of this pandemic. Through your leadership, you can become an active participant in creating a healthcare environment where patients, practitioners and hospitals thrive.”

The VMSERF is a nonprofit charitable organization sponsored by the Vermont Medical Society to advance the public good by supporting educational and research activities in the field of health.


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