Northstar Fireworks, with offices in St. Johnsbury and East Montpelier, represented the United States at the recent Sherbrooke, QC International Fireworks Competition La Fete Du Lac Des Nations, taking second place overall.

Several pyrotechnic companies competed from July 16-21st, with Northstar Fireworks lighting up the sky on July 18 with a pyrotechnic spectacle that ignited the night with a barrage of color, light, and sound.

The theme for the show was “The Fire Within,” a celebration of the inner force that burns in each of us.

“With this show, Northstar Fireworks encouraged spectators to see their emotions come to life and rise in the sky just like the bright pyrotechnic sparks that engulfed the sky,” noted information from Northstar. “This fireworks display brought out the precious flame that powers the lives in us, to guide everyone to the stars.”

Tom Swenson and Evan Wells of Northstar Fireworks were the choreographers of the show. Additional crew members were Jon Winter, Jon Deerfield, Chris Swenson, and Randy Hunt.

“Northstar Fireworks is very pleased to have represented the U.S. at this international competition and be presented with a 2nd place finish,” stated Northstar officials. “It was certainly a moment in time for Northstar, and Northstar looks forward to a bright future in upcoming shows.”

Said Richard Swenson, “We are very excited and honored by the outcome of this competition.”

Northstar Fireworks is a family-owned company started in 1985. Learn more about Northstar Fireworks at


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