NVRH Welcomes New General Surgeon

Dr. Wendy Frye

ST. JOHNSBURY — Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) announced that General Surgeon Wendy Frye, MD has joined the General Surgery Department.

Frye, who has been in practice as a general surgeon for over 15 years, will perform a range of general procedures, from endoscopies and colonoscopies, to hernia repair, laparoscopic surgery and breast surgery. Frye went to medical school at Michigan State University and did her residency at the Gunderson Clinic in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Gunderson Clinic, which only takes two residents a year and specializes in training rural surgeons, is where Frye discovered she wanted to do community-based work.

Before joining NVRH, Frye was a general surgeon at Otsego Memorial Hospital in Michigan.

“This is a familiar feeling area,” Frye said. “I think it’s why we felt immediately at home when we came here. The hospital is so personable. It feels like a real team environment. You get that good vibe right away just by walking through the halls.”

Frye and her husband, who are active people and have two dogs, look forward to engaging with the community in their free time as well.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Frye joining our expert team here at NVRH,” said VP of Medical Practices Laura Newell. “Dr. Frye brings with her a wealth knowledge and understands the needs of rural communities. We knew right away that Dr. Frye and her husband would be the perfect fit for our community and hospital.”


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