Passumpsic Bank President Named To Vermont Futures Project Board

Jim Kisch

The Vermont Futures Project welcomed Passumpsic Bank President Jim Kisch to its board recently.

Kisch is a banking industry veteran serving as Passumpsic Bank’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Northeast Home Loan. Prior to joining Passumpsic Bank, he was Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Continuity, a leading provider of Regulatory Technology solutions that automate compliance management for financial institutions across the U.S.

Kisch said, “I joined the Vermont Futures Board as a meaningful way of paying it forward to our State and its people for embracing my family and me. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to help the Vermont Futures Project with its continuous, inventive long-range efforts to shape a thriving future ahead for all Vermonters. The Vermont Futures Project has the distinction of disciplined data driven and strategic leadership, which is a game changing domain I passionately believe in.”

The Vermont Futures Project is also celebrating turning five years old this fall, as it was formally launched by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce in 2016 as a research and education foundation to use data, benchmarks, and knowledge to stimulate conversation and prompt action, leading to economic prosperity for all Vermonters.

The Vermont Futures Project Board of Directors reflects the organization’s commitment to representing diversity of age, race, industry, gender, and region across Vermont. Through leadership, research, and education, The Vermont Futures Project seeks to inform the conversation about Vermont’s economic future and demonstrate how a healthy economy contributes to Vermont’s vibrant communities and unique quality of life.


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