Local Psychic Medium Josh Simonds to Host Benefit For Boys & Girls Club of the North Country

On Saturday, October 19th at 7 pm, local Psychic Medium Josh Simonds will be hosting “A Night with Spirit” to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the North Country at the Littleton Opera House.

This event will be a Gallery Reading, where Josh will channel the spirits of those in attendance. Please know that attendance to the event doesn’t guarantee a message from a loved one.

Born and raised in northern New Hampshire & Vermont, Josh Simonds first discovered his gifts after researching his family genealogy. After learning who his ancestors were and where they came from, their struggles were really put into perspective for him. He decided to embrace them not only to help others, but as a way to honor his ancestors.

Since then, Josh has provided psychic readings for hundreds. Whether it’s a one-on-one session or group reading, he has helped connect numerous souls with the loved ones they’ve lost. With his gift, he delivers messages from those who have passed on with the intention of bringing them the closure, direction, and clarity his clients need. Josh works with two goals in mind: to offer healing to those in need, as well as to help liberate people from that which is holding them back most in life, so they may best lead their lives with their greatest potential. Visit his website at www.joshsimonds.com.

The Boys & Girls Club of the North Country is a local organization that hosts after-school programs and camps for children in Littleton and surrounding towns. With the help of local businesses and donations, the Boys and Girls Club of the North Country continues to offer their mission to children and parents throughout the North Country.


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