LITTLETON, NH — Littleton Public Library will be hosting Dr. Dan O’Neill, of the Alpine Clinic, via a zoom presentation at 6:30 p.m. on March 18, regarding his new book, “Survival of the Fit: How Physical Education Ensures Academic Achievement and a Healthy Life.”

Young people in America are facing a health crisis of epidemic proportions ― yet no one is taking action. Physical educators, healthcare workers, mental health providers, teachers, parents, wellness enthusiast of all walks and anyone interested in seeing improvements in the physical, mental and emotional health of children, will not want to miss this enlightening presentation.

Survival of the Fit offers a new and revelatory plan to nurture physical identity and save the health of America’s youngsters. His presentation will cover his plan in rebranding physical education (PE) and making it available for every child, every day, in every year of school. In addition to establishing historical references and a scientific basis for this rebranding, he lays out a blueprint to help educators and parents bring this “PE revolution” to their school with no increase in the school budget. Survival of the Fit explains how to use existing tools, knowledge, and infrastructure to make needed changes with immediate results for every student, not just a privileged few.

O’Neill is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine doctor, sport psychologist, and author on a mission to get children healthier and happier through maintaining what he calls their “physical identity.” He practices at The Alpine Clinic, a division of Littleton Regional Healthcare in New Hampshire. His latest book, “Survival of the Fit: How Physical Education Ensures Academic Achievement and a Healthy Life” has just been published by Teachers College Press at Columbia University.

For more information or to sign up, call the Littleton Public Library or visit


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