Littleton Opera House To Feature Studio Two Jan. 12

Studio Two (Courtesy Photo)

On June 22, “The Beatles” return to the Haskell Opera House with award-winning Studio Two: The Beatles Tribute band. Almost 50 years after the “most famous thing that never happened,” at the Haskell Opera House, the spirit of The Beatles live in concert will be recreated by Studio Two. Hailed as one of the top five tribute bands by The Boston Globe, Studio Two plans to finally bring Beatlemania to The Haskell Opera House.

The Most Famous Thing That Never Happened

In the early 1970s, there was a rumor that the Haskell may serve as the venue for a much anticipated Beatles reunion. At the time, John Lennon lived in New York City and was “line bound,” meaning that if he exited the U.S., reentry would have been problematic. George Harrison was prohibited from entering the U.S. altogether. The Haskell’s unique border location could eliminate these sticky immigration issues to open the door for a Beatles reunion in its 400-seat opera house. Unfortunately, law enforcement feared the crowds would reach unmanageable proportions, so it was not to be.

Studio Two is a headlining Beatles tribute band, comprised of Berklee Alumni who focus on the most exciting, energetic period of The Beatles — the early years (1962 - 1966). Choosing from a catalog of songs from their club and touring performances, Studio Two captures all of the excitement and danceable 50s and 60s Rock ‘n’ Roll songs The Beatles helped popularize. All of this is done in period correct attire and equipment.


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