PEACHAM — Abdi Nor Iftin, author of Call Me American (Knopf 2018), will be the guest presenter Sunday, July 25 at 4 p.m. at Peacham Library.

Born in Mogadishu to nomadic parents, Abdi Nor Iftin survived famine, war, and child soldiering. Thanks to movies available to him, he taught himself English by watching American action films. By repeating and imitating the carefree actors, he earned himself the nickname “Abdi American.”

Through guerrilla journalism, Abdi dispatched stories about his life to a series titled Messages From Mogadishu on American Public Media. His stories were shortlisted for Peabody Awards in 2016 and later picked by NPR, the BBC and This America.

Now a bestselling and award-winning author based in Maine, Abdi is an advocate for refugee and immigrant rights. He is dedicated to bringing people together through his stories of survival and resilience. He is currently working on a documentary based on Call Me American.

The present location is scheduled for the library’s community room, but will be moved to the Peacham Congregational Meeting House if projected attendance warrants a larger venue. Organizers ask those who plan to attend, to call the library at (802) 592-3216. The library is located at 656 Bayley-Hazen Rd.

Call Me American is available for purchase at Green Mountain Books in Lyndonville prior to his presentation. Books will also be available for purchase and signing after Abdi’s talk.


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