Catamount Announces Family Film Slam

Catamount Arts has opened registration for SOCAPA’s eagerly anticipated annual film slam. SOCAPA’s Tap Into Film 72-Hour Family Film Slam, scheduled for the weekend of April 22-25, invites both novice and experienced filmmakers alike to write, shoot, and edit a short movie, from initial concept to final cut, in a single weekend.

Once again, the SOCAPA Tap into Film Slam is going virtual, viral, and global, challenging participants to stay home to stay safe. COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out around the world, but people everywhere are urged to remain vigilant and keep practicing safe social distancing. SOCAPA (School of Creative and Performing Arts) and Catamount Arts have partnered to encourage families to, “Do your part and make some art,” joining the worldwide outpouring of creativity that has been a boon for so many this past year.

SOCAPA film slam participants, organizers, and staffers are disappointed not to work together in person, but there’s no denying that last year’s film slam, which opened one short month into the pandemic, demonstrated the dazzling creativity possible even in times of tremendous adversity. Recognizing a genuine, urgent need for collaboration, expression, and fun, SOCAPA and Catamount Arts opted last year not to cancel the popular annual film slam, but to offer it entirely online, open admission to participants worldwide, and challenge teams to promote public safety by working exclusively within their own households.

A record-breaking 77 teams participated in the event, with over 2000 votes for Audience Favorite, and the competition’s biggest challenge—quarantined filmmakers forced to work exclusively with their own family members—led to surprisingly moving and often hilarious results as multi-generational teams competed for the first time in event history. The event’s finale, an online screening and celebration of all entries, attracted its biggest audience ever, especially among locals eager to see, even if only onscreen, classmates, friends, and neighbors they hadn’t seen since schools and businesses closed.

Whether virtual or in-person, SOCAPA’s annual film slam is as much a sign of spring in the Northeast Kingdom as sap lines, and organizers are eagerly expecting another high turnout, especially given the shortage of clubs and activities over the past year. Teams are encouraged to sign up early and choose a competition bracket: Competitive for experienced filmmakers, or Family Fun for less experienced and/or younger filmmakers.

The Film Slam challenges teams to write, shoot, and edit a short film within 72 hours. Each team is assigned three script elements—such as a line of dialogue, a genre, and a prop—which must be included in their film. Teams upload their films to YouTube in time for an online screening and celebration, and prizes, including cash and SOCAPA tuition scholarships, are awarded for categories such as Best Film, Best Acting, and Audience Favorite.

Teams are encouraged to follow all local health guidelines while making their films. Participation in the SOCAPA Tap Into Film 72-Hour Online Family Film Slam is free, but donations to Catamount Arts are strongly suggested. For more information, including how to register a team for the 2021 SOCAPA Tap Into Film 72-Hour Online Family Film Slam, visit or


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