Heiland Consort In Concert At Plainfield Opera House

Musicians Katie Oprea on oboe, Cynthia Huard on piano, and Elisabeth LeBlanc on clarinet make up Heiland Consort. They will perform at the Plainfield Opera House on May 19.

The Friends of the Plainfield Opera House will present Heliand Consort: Kindred Spirits - Letters and music of Brahms and the Schumanns on Sunday, May 19, at 4 p.m. The Plainfield Opera House is on Route 2 in Plainfield.

The Heliand Consort explores the complex triangle that brought together three of the greatest musical minds of the Romantic Era. Through letters and music of Brahms and the Schumanns, Heliand offers a glimpse into their tragic and beautiful story of love, friendship and art. The program includes Robert Schumann’s Romances for oboe and piano, Brahms Sonata for piano and clarinet, and the music of Clara Schumann.

The program will feature musicians Katie Oprea on oboe, Cynthia Huard on piano, and Elisabeth LeBlanc on clarinet. Selected letters will be read by guest storytellers Jim Stapleton, Diana Bigelow, and Patrick Evans. The letters elucidate Clara and Robert Schumann’s marriage, how they expressed their love with musical gifts, and how Robert’s deteriorating mental health affected their professional and private lives. Johannes Brahms arrived seeking a mentor in composition and fell into one of the most intriguing love triangles in music history.

Do you have a love letter from an old flame tucked away in a dusty drawer? Bring it to one of these concerts (or e-mail it in advance), and we’ll give a dramatic anonymous reading of selected love letters from the audience, as well.

The Heliand Consort is a virtuoso woodwind & piano chamber music ensemble that performs classical music from the baroque through 20th century and contemporary repertoire.

Tickets are available at the door or online at Catamountix.com.


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