Insurance Companies Award Community Grant To Old Church Theater Of Bradford

Erin Odell of Odell Insurance Agency, left, and Gloria Heidenreich of Old Church Theater. (Courtesy Photo)

BRADFORD — Old Church Theater received a $2,000 gift from Odell Insurance Agency and Co-operative Insurance Companies in June 2019.

The gift, awarded as part of Co-op’s Community Grants program, will be used for the restoration project of the Old Church Theater building on Main Street in Bradford.

“We think the Old Church Theater group does great work for Bradford and the surrounding communities,” said Brett Barselle, president of the Odell Insurance Agency. “We’re proud to support their efforts.”

“Local support is key to our fundraising efforts,” said Justina Kenyon, president of Old Church Theater. “This gift is a perfect example of how we’re going about meeting our goals.”

Co-operative Insurance Companies’ Community Grants Program was established in 2004 to assist with community projects across Vermont and New Hampshire. Through this program, Co-op partners with its agents and directors to provide funds for capital campaigns and operational support throughout the two states.

“Groups like the Old Church Theater are meeting needs in the same communities that Co-op serves,” said Brad Fortier, Co-op’s Executive Vice President. “We think it’s important to do our part as neighbors to help them out, and this grant program is one more way we can do that.”

Old Church Theater was one of nine to receive a Community Grant from Co-operative Insurance Companies in 2019.

Old Church Theater was organized in 1985. Until 2017 all its performances were in Bradford’s 225-year-old “Old Church,” but structural needs forced them to find a new temporary performance venue nearby while they raised the funds and made major repairs to the old structure. When the repairs are completed they will return to their home theater and expand their season to year-round offerings, including making their stage available for use as a performing arts center In Bradford.


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