‘Listen Up Project’ Schedules Auditions For Teen-penned Musical

Bess O’Brien works with student scriptwriters for the Listen Up Project. (Courtesy Photo)

The Listen Up Project is seeking actors, singers, dancers (or any combination of the three) between the ages of 13 and 19 to audition for its original musical theatre production, which will tour the state of Vermont in the fall of 2020. Listen Up is a multi-year community outreach project that will culminate in an original musical inspired, written, and performed by Vermont teenagers.

Auditions will be held the weekends of March 14 and15, 21 and 22, and 28 and 29 at various locations throughout Vermont, with callbacks on May 3. A local audition site will be in St. Johnsbury on Sunday, March 15.

Auditioners will be asked to prepare a monologue and a song and bring sheet music for the Listen Up accompanist or an instrumental track.

Rehearsals will begin Aug. 2 and continue to Aug. 23, and performances will take place throughout Vermont on weekends in September and October.

“I can’t wait to meet the cast of our musical,” said directing producer Bess O’Brien. “These kids are going to get a chance to speak for kids like them, and in some cases, not so much like them, across the state.”

“Every facet of my life has been changed by my experience working with The Voices Project.” said Annalise Shelmandine, who played and inspired the character of “Vita” in O’Brien’s similarly teen-penned 2004 musical. “I’m excited for a new generation of teens to get that same chance.” Shelmandine and fellow Voices cast member Shanni Stoddard serve on the script review team for Listen Up. Stoddard will also choreograph the dances in the production.

“We want to cast a net wide,” said director Isaac Eddy. “We want young people from every corner of the state and from all walks of life. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘theatre’ kid, I would really encourage you to come audition for this show.”

Those interested in signing up to audition should visit listenupvt.org/auditions and email info@listenupvt.org with any questions.


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