The Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association (VMSMA) recently announced the cancellation of the Maple Open House Weekend again this year.

The (VMSMA) offers the statewide annual Maple Open House Weekend as a chance for sugarmakers to open the doors of their sugarhouses. “Normally, we’d be inviting visitors traveling from near and far into sugar houses to learn, taste, and explore firsthand why people should think of Vermont first when they think of maple syrup,” stated VMSMA Executive Director Allyson Hope. “While this year’s cancellation is much less of a surprise than 2020 and we know that it’s the right call, Vermont sugar makers miss having in-person opportunities to share their craft during the season.”

The good news, she added, is that there are still ways to get Vermont Maple items while keeping the requisite social distance and adhering to travel restrictions. “[Online], you can have Vermont Maple products delivered to your door at You can find links to Vermont sugarmakers, watch maple videos and use our recipes to make some maple comfort food.”

Vermont students between the ages of 16 and 21 with knowledge of and experience with maple sugaring, can get involved with Vermont Maple through the Ambassador program this year. “The Vermont Maple Festival and VMSMA are looking for ambassador candidates to represent the Vermont Maple industry at functions throughout Vermont and New England for one year,” said VMSMA Communications Director Cory Ayotte. “Ambassadors take part in fairs, festivals, field days, and are in attendance at most of the significant Vermont maple events. A $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to each of the two ambassadors chosen.” The selection will be made via Zoom on Saturday, April 17, Ayotte added.

Vermont continues to lead the nation by a commanding margin as the top maple-producing state, the VMSMA stated in the same announcement; total US maple syrup production in 2020 was 4.37 million gallons, with Vermont accounting for 2.22 million of those gallons, or about 51 percent of US production.


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