‘Miracle Man’ Kubinek Coming To Hardwick

E. HARDWICK — Described as “a comic genius, virtuoso vaudevillian, and all-around charmer,” Tomas Kubinek, aka “Miracle Man” is coming to the East Hardwick Grange (88 East Church St.) for two shows on July 1-2, both at 7 p.m.

The one and only Dr. Professor Kubínek “gives audiences an utterly joyous experience they’ll remember for a lifetime,” says the Modern Times Theatre. “Absolutely expert and consistently charming!” chimes in the New York Times.

Seats are limited at East’s Hardwick’s historic Grange Hall. Admission is by donation, and refreshments will be available to buy.

With appearances in over 30 countries, Mr. Kubínek has won the hearts of thousands in theaters, opera houses, television specials, on Broadway, and at international festivals of culture. His latest creation, “Tomáš Kubínek: Miracle Man”, is a rip-roaring revival of strong-man stunts, couples counseling, snake-healings, and mass hypnosis that leaves audiences dazed, beaming and in love with life once again.

These shows are presented by Modern Times Theater and The Civic Standard.

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Kubínek (Toh-mawsh Koo-bee-neck) has appeared in over 30 countries as a solo artist at theaters, opera houses, and international festivals. As a featured guest artist with symphony orchestras, he brings anarchy to the concert stage and helps orchestras bring in new audiences.

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