The northeastern corner of Vermont is rightly called a Kingdom, and within it, St. Johnsbury is certainly the central jewel. It is the gateway to the rest of the Northeast Kingdom and a wonderful mix of things to do that will delight your desire for natural beauty, excite your intellect, and satisfy your desire to be entertained.

There's so much to do, let's not waste another moment!

A Half Day

If you have a dog with you - or even if you don't - your first stop should be Dog Mountain. With 150 acres of trails and open fields on a private mountain, it's the ideal place to take your whole family for an afternoon; your dog will love it because he can run, play and swim without his leash! Also on the Mountain is Dog Chapel, a place where dog lovers honor their pets, as well as the Stephen Huneck Gallery, with all sorts of whimsical items based on the late painters famed works.

For lunch or dinner, try Kham's Thai on Memorial Drive or the Wine Gate in Depot Square.

A Full Day

Take a walking tour of St. Johnsbury. Start at the Fairbanks Museum for nature and history exhibits. Within the museum you'll also find the Spitzer Planetarium, which has just re-opened from a complete renovation and upgrade. If you've ever listened to "Eye On The Sky" weather reports on Vermont Public Radio, you can see the faces that go with those voices during a planetarium presentation.

Walk toward downtown and you'll pass Secondhand Prose on your left. Go down a set of steps to get into this wonderful secondhand bookstore run that is staffed by volunteers to raise money on behalf of the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum and Art Gallery. When you're done browsing there, cross the street to the Athenaeum to see the beautiful architecture and enjoy the art.

Next, head down Eastern Avenue and stop at the many shops along the way. Catamount Arts hosts gallery exhibits through the summer. Stop for lunch at Dylan's Cafe next door.

At the bottom of the hill is Sunshine Boutique, a shop that specializes in interesting clothing and jewelry. At the bottom of the hill, turn left to browse the shops of Railroad Street. Caplan's Army Store is a long-standing member of the community that can fulfill your outdoor gear needs. Art lovers, make certain to stop in at the Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild and The Artful Eye. On Saturday mornings you can also pop in next door at The Funky Flea for an ever-changing flea market.

In the evening, head back to Catamount Arts to attend a movie or show (check the calendar for listings.)

A Full Weekend

Golfers should head to the St. Johnsbury Country Club for a day on the links. If you'd like a gentle walk, try out the St. Johnsbury town forest hiking trails. Kids will love the skatepark on Railroad Street in St. Johnsbury.

For the healthy set, we've got two great grocery options to pick up a picnic lunch: Natural Provisions and the St. J Food Co-op.

If you prefer sugar to healthy eats, head out over to the Maple Grove Museum and Factory for some maple-y goodness.

If it's raining, take a turn at the Gold Crown Lanes bowling alley.

If you need a shopping fix, head out to the Green Mountain Mall where you can find JC Penney, Radio Shack and Ocean State Job Lot.

Have an elegant dinner at the Rabbit Hill Inn in Waterford. If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, Anthony's Diner has great burgers and fries.

The next day, head to Moore Dam and Reservoir on the Vermont/New Hampshire border. There you can go boating, hiking and swimming. Take a picnic lunch and you can spend a good portion of the day.

If you'd rather get lost, head toward Danville for the Great Vermont Corn Maze. There's a large maze, a small maze, a barnyard nature center, and laser tag! You can spend a bunch of hours exploring all there is to do here. In Danville, you should also check out Joe's Pond, a local swimming hot spot.

For dinner in Danville you can choose between The Creamery, The Danville Inn or Goodfellas.

Mentioned in this article:

Dog Mountain - 143 Parks Road, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-2700 -

Kham's Thai- 1112 Memorial Drive, St. Johnsbury, 802-751-8424 -

Wine Gate - 25 Depot Square, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-3288

Fairbanks Museum & Spitzer Planetarium - 1302 Main St., St. Johnsbury, 802-748-2372 -

Secondhand Prose - 1222 Main St., #101, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-9222

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum and Art Gallery - 1171 Main St., St. Johnsbury, 802-748-8291 -

Catamount Arts- 115 Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-2600 -

Dylan's Cafe-139 Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-6748 -

Sunshine Boutique - 17 Eastern Avenue #1, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-2933

Caplan's Army Store - 457 Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, 802-748-3236

Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild - 430 Railroad St., #2, St. Johnsbury, 802-633-4468 -

The Artful Eye & The Funky Flea - 443 Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, 802-424-1414 -

St. Johnsbury Country Club - 4357 Memorial Drive, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-9894 -

St. Johnsbury Town Forest - JohnsburyMunicipalForest080415.html

Natural Provisions- 537 Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, 802-748-3587 -

St. J Food Co-op - 490 Portland St., #101, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-9498 -

Maple Grove Museum and Factory- 1052 Portland St., St. Johnsbury, 802-748-5141 -

Crown Lanes - 212 Hastings Hill, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-2205

Green Mountain Mall - 2000 Memorial Drive, St. Johnsbury, 802-748-3706 -

Rabbit Hill Inn - 48 Lower Waterford Road, Lower Waterford, 800-762-8669 -

Anthony's Diner- 50 Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, 802-748-3613

Great Vermont Corn Maze - 1404 Wheelock Road, Danville, 802-748-1399 -

The Creamery - 46 Hill St., Danville, 802-684-3616

Goodfellas - 59 Parker Road, Danville, 802-748-4249


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