28th Annual North Country Moose Festival Planned

Children greet a moose mascot on Main Street in Colebrook, N.H. during last year's annual Moose Festival. (Photo by Sylvie Weber)

An annual celebration worthy of New England’s largest land mammal kicks off on Friday, Aug. 23 with the opening of the 2019 Moose Festival in Colebrook, Pittsburg (N.H.) and Canaan, Vt.

“This event represents the Festival’s 28th year and is truly a celebration of the North Country’s communities, culture and of course-the moose,” said Jodi Gilbert, co-director of the Festival. “There really is something for every age.”

The North Country Moose Festival is organized by the North Country Chamber of Commerce and begins on Friday, Aug. 23 at 3 p.m. on Main Street in downtown Colebrook. On Saturday, Aug. 24, the event location moves to the Canaan Recreational Park on Route 102 in Canaan.

The two-day festival will feature an array of activities including: Artisan, craft and food vendors; Tethered hot air balloon rides; Horse drawn wagon rides ; Friday night cruise & parade; Classic car show ; Helicopter rides ; Art contests and shows ; A dog show; Family & kids games; Live music-featuring Parker Hill Road Band & Midnight Blue; NH Fish and Game display; Cow plop bingo.

Then there’s the true centerpiece of the Festival-the Moose. “Of course, we have lots to offer Moose fans,” noted Gilbert. “Our event includes moose chili, a moose-themed sip & paint hosted by CRAG, a moose “hunt,” and a moose calling contest among other activities.”

See the events schedule at www.moosefestival.com for dates and times of activities.

Recognizing the area’s connection to off-road vehicles, an “ATV Ride-In” will take place Saturday.

“The Moose Festival is truly a special event which draws thousands of North Country residents and visitors to our communities,” said Gilbert. “We are thrilled to be able to provide a family friendly event for all to enjoy.”


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