Good Shepherd's new Cross Country running team


NEW CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING TEAM AT GSCS -- Keep an eye out on the streets after school every day as you will see 16 fifth- through eighth-grade Good Shepherd Catholic School students running. Coached by Annie Angell and Marci Bostic, this club started a few years ago as an option for middle school students to stay health and active. No matter if students ran every day or they have never run, the running club welcomes everyone. Over the past few years the running club has grown in size. This year Angell and Bostic have announced that they are now a Cross Country running team. The boys and girls will be competing in several meets around the state of Vermont. On Sept 9, the student's in grades 6, 7 and 8 competed in their very first Cross Country meet hosted by Montpelier Middle School. Out of 43 racers in the 6-8th grade girls heat, Neva Bostic (Grade 8) came in second place, two seconds behind the first place racer from Montpelier. Riley Higgs (Grade 8) came in sixth place; Isabel Bostic (Grade 6) came in 10th place; Taryn Trembley (Grade 8) came in 32nd place; Elizabeth Gilmartin (Grade 8) came in 33rd place; and Jahla Kimball (Grade 8) came in 37th place. The girls team placed fourth over all. For the boys 6-8th grade heat, out of 42 racers, Ethan Eames came in 20th place. The cross country team has a total of 12 meets, ending with the Kingdom Challenge 1/2 Marathon & 5K on Oct. 25. Above, members of the team include, from left, Ethan Eames, Neva Bostic, Riley Higgs, Taryn Tembley, Jahla Kimball, Isabel Bostic and Elizabeth Gilmartin.


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