Littleton High School Students Excel In North Country Charter Academy's Summer Credit Recovery Program


Working with the summer recovery program partnered between North Country Charter Academy and Littleton High School are NCCA teacher James Hicks, LHS student Jacob Houghton and LHS Principal Joanne Melanson.

Littleton High School partnered with North Country Charter Academy to facilitate summer credit recovery success for 18 LHS students who were excited to be able to recover lost credits from the previous school year.

The NCCA staff was impressed with the Littleton students' adaptability, motivation and determination to recover their credits. Students stated that they liked the curriculum and the opportunity to catch up, and they sustained a strong and determined work ethic. A visit from LHS Principal Joanne Melanson and continuous communication between NCCA staff and LHS guidance counselor Joe Shea demonstrated to the students that this was a team effort to support them. This partnership between Littleton High School and North Country Charter Academy proved what we can accomplish when we work together towards a common goal: helping students find success.

NCCA staff cannot emphasize strongly enough the perfect match between Plato'sâ?¢ online curriculum platform, Edmentumâ?¢, and feasible credit recovery. With just a report card transcript from Littleton High School, the NCCA instructors were able set up a credit recovery plan tailored to each student. Using Platoâ?¢ courseware, a program based on national standards, NCCA teachers pre-tested each student in the discipline in which he or she needed to recover credits, established the areas in which students scored the weakest, and assigned them the corresponding work.

When a student scores high on a pre-test, it reflects what he or she has already learned. These pretests can exempt the students from taking tutorials, applications, and mastery tests in areas where they are knowledgeable. When a Littleton High School student scored an exemption within a unit, this not only informed the NCCA staff of where that student's strengths lie, but it gave that student a boost of encouragement to work to succeed in a weaker subject area. The students were quite excited by the fact that they did not have to spend time re-doing areas in a subject that they had already mastered at LHS.

Students were supervised and guided, yet ultimately responsible for their own progress in the NCCA Summer Recovery Program. They were handed what they were expected to accomplish, and they determined their own pace, attendance and rate of success. The students were informed daily of their academic standing and worked independently, receiving help from the instructors when necessary. If they left early or came late, it was up to them to make sure that they were still able to finish their assignments. The teachers gave them ownership of their work. Attending and succeeding within the program was their choice, and LHS students rose to the occasion.

LHS participant Jacob Houghton summarized his peers' thoughts best regarding their experience at the charter school. "This opportunity has helped me greatly! It has given me the chance to redo the class time I missed and not have to take the entire course again. I felt that the course I took at NCCA was very advanced and gave me extra information to get ahead in my studies."

Jacob continued, "If I hadn't taken part in this program, I would have had to drop a class to take this entire course again, instead of just taking what I didn't succeed in. I liked the fact that I didn't have to waste time doing what I already knew.

The NCCA atmosphere was peaceful and quiet, and the student is able to set his own pace, which is a very good environment for learning."

The Littleton High School administration was incredibly supportive in helping their students find success in the NCCA summer program and start the new school year on track. Principal Melanson, Shea and assistant superintendent and CTE director Alan Smith helped provide this opportunity for the students.


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