Littleton Regional Healthcare announced the winners of this year’s Nursing Administration and Dorothy M. Boisvert Nursing Scholarship Awards, presented to deserving clinical staff who are furthering their professional growth through continuing education.

This year’s LRH Nursing Administration scholarships were presented to Tanisha Wilcox, MA, who has completed her pre-requisites and will be attending White Mountain Community College’s Nursing Program this fall and Tricia Koxarakis, RN who is just moments away from obtaining her BSN from Southern New Hampshire University. Tanisha has been with LRH since 2013 and is a valued member of the North Country Women’s Health team and Tricia has been with LRH since 2017 and is a well-respected nurse in LRH’s Obstetrics Unit.

The Dorothy M. Boisvert Nursing Scholarship was established in loving memory by Gail Clark and the rest of Dorothy’s family, to assist clinical LRH staff members in their pursuit of continuing education and skills to better serve Littleton Regional Healthcare patients. The Dorothy M. Boisvert Nursing Scholarships were presented to Brittany Emmons, LNA, part of the Medical Surgical Unit. Brittany is enrolled in Vermont Technical College and plans to achieve her LPN this summer and has been with LRH for almost 5 years. This year’s second Dorothy M. Boisvert Nursing Scholarship was awarded to Sarah Maroon, RN who recently graduated with an MSN in Leadership and Management and is now applying for an Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program. Sarah has been with Littleton Regional Healthcare since 2011 and is a valued member of the Intensive Care Unit.

“Congratulations to this year’s deserving Scholarship Award winners. Applications for these scholarship funds were received from nursing and clinical staff who are continuing their education. All of this year’s applicants were deserving of receiving a scholarship award. Each of this year’s recipients has shown their desire for professional advancement as well as their steadfast support for the patients in their care, and for their co-workers. We’d like to thank our entire nursing and clinical staff for their continued efforts in the care and commitment they show our patients every day.” states Koren Superchi, RN, MSN, Vice President Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer.


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