The following are the 2014-2015 condensed bus runs for the Littleton School District. School resumes on Monday, Aug. 25. For more information, call Berry Transportation (603) 636-6100. The bus routes run in reverse in the afternoon.

AM: 6:45, bus is on Farr Hill Road; 6:50, bus arrives at Fox Ridge Road; 6:55, bus arrives at Brickyard Road; 7, Dells Road; 7:05, Mt. Eustis/Cyr Road; 7:25, drop off at Littleton High School; 7:30, drop off at Lakeway Elementary.

AM: 6:34, start at Chicken Coop Farm out on Monroe Road/Route 18; 6:36, pick-ups along the way until Partridge Lake Road after Hagan's Mobile Homes; 6:42, turn around and pick up at Moore Court and then around Partridge Lake Road; 6:48, end of Partridge Lake back on to Route 18 for pick ups; 7:02, Slate Ledge Road (up road and back down for pick-ups); 7:12, on Route 18, head towards town; 7:20, drop off at LHS; 7:30, drop off Lakeway.

AM: 7:02, top of Mann's Hill; 7:04, Broomstick Hill Road; 7:15, bus is out on Whitefield Road for pick ups; 7:19, Orchard Hill Road; 7:21, stop at Lakeway for courtesy riders; 7:25, drop off at LHS; 7:30, drop off at Lakeway.

AM: 6:39, Broomstick Road; 6:44, Autumn Road; 6:47, Mt. Misery Road; 6:50, Osgood turn around area; 6:56, Perkins Road; 7:02, Edencroft Road; 7:04, Waterford Road; 7:10, starting on Hilltop Road; 7:14, turn around at Crazy Horse Campground; 7:19, back on Route 18; 7:25, drop off LHS; 7:30, drop off Lakeway.

Times are estimated from last year's runs. Times are subject to change pending additions/deletions of children. Students are expected to be at their designated bus stop 5 minutes before pickup.


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