Local Alumni Celebrate Vermont TRiO Day


Celebrating Vermont TRiO Day at the Statehouse on March 10 are: from left, Melissa Rixon, Johnson State College, Student Support Services; Mia Midenjak, University of Vermont Upward Bound; Patrick Charron, VSAC Talent Search; Gov. Peter Shumlin; Lindsay Carpenter, Lyndon State College Upward Bound; Jennifer Gile, Vermont Technical College Student Support Services; and Henry Michael Corse, VTC Student Support Services.

TRiO alumni from across the state celebrated Vermont TRiO Day at the Statehouse in Montpelier on March 10. These young professionals, who have attained baccalaureate and advanced degrees, met with aides from Sens. Leahy and Sanders offices, Vermont legislators, Vermont State Colleges Chancellor Spaulding and Gov. Peter Shumlin.

The group discussed college funding, affordability, debt and the labor market in Vermont. A wide range of TRIO programs were represented including the Educational Opportunity Center, Student Support Services, Talent Search and Upward Bound.

The TRiO programs are funded under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, and assist first-generation college bound and modest income middle school, high school, and college bound adults throughout Vermont in preparing for and accessing postsecondary education. Combined, Vermont's 14 TRiO programs currently serve nearly 8,000 Vermont students and bring over 8.9 million dollars in federal funds to the state.


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