Building Bright Futures State Advisory Council Inc. (BBF), Vermont's early childhood resource and policy center, recently announced 10 new regional coordinators located across the state to improve the quality, affordability and equal access to early care, health and education for young children and their families.

"As all Vermont communities gear up to implement universal pre-kindergarten programs to all three- and four-year-olds, BBF regional coordinators will play a key role in the community, improving pre-k access and high-quality services to young children and their families," said Julie Coffey, BBF's executive director.

Regional coordinators work closely with 12 BBF regional councils, which are comprised of local volunteer parents, advocates and professionals who are passionate about supporting young children and their families. Two more regions, Rutland and Springfield, are still conducting interviews for coordinators.

Regional coordinators, with their councils, serve as a major artery of networking, communications, planning and policy recommendations for improvement in the early childhood service delivery system at the local level.

The new area regional coordinators are:

â?¢ Sylvie Corriveau for the Newport District. Corriveau was previously the medical social worker at Newport Pediatrics.

â?¢ Dawn Powers for the St. Johnsbury District. Powers moves from part-time to full-time regional coordinator. She is also the Children's Integrated Services coordinator in Newport and St. Johnsbury Agency of Human Services Districts, and previously the Northeast Kingdom Migrant Education Program coordinator.

Other coordinators include: Steve Ames for the Morrisville District; Dana Anderson for the Middlebury District; Maria Dolores "Loli" Berard for the St. Albans District; Sarah Buxton for the Hartford District; Julianne Nickerson for the Burlington District; Becky Raymond for the Barre District; Chad Simmons for the Brattleboro District; Robin Stromgren for the Bennington District.

Building Bright Futures State Advisory Council Inc. (BBF) advises the governor, the administration and the state legislature on the well-being of Vermont's young children and their families in the annual report, How Are Vermont's Young Children? available on the BBF website:


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