Early in the online education initiative, White Mountains Community College began to offer a small list of 100 percent course offerings. As interest grew, so did the offerings. Today, online learning is said to be the future of higher education. While this may be true nationwide, online learning is much more than that to North Country students.

Accessibility to campuses can be a daunting task -- a long commute or navigating the notch in a snowstorm -- many students are turning to online options to start or complete a degree. Combined with accessibility, students, both traditional and nontraditional also find themselves with other commitments beyond the classroom, such as jobs or family priorities. WMCC is committed to its students and continues to find ways to make degree completion not only an option, but a convenient and accessible plan.

WMCC offers online courses in multiple subject areas. The newest additions to the online course listings are BMAT 122: Expanded Topics in Applied Math, BMAT 124: College Algebra, BCRM: 210 Juvenile Justice, BCRM 230: Justice and the Community, BCRM 225: Drug Abuse and the Law, BBUS 112: Intro to Business, and BMGT 118: Foundations of Leadership.

"We care about our online and nontraditional learners as much as our on campus learners" states Matt Wood, interim president of White Mountains Community College and a driving force behind expanding online learning at WMCC. Education, especially in the North Country, needs to be accessible and for many learners, that accessibility is most convenient in an online format in order to fit a busy lifestyle and changing needs of today's learners.

Expanding online learning by using the Community College System of New Hampshire's resources from across the state will allow White Mountains Community College to reach those North Country residents that cannot access one of three locations due to their life circumstances. Experienced online educators will be employed to deliver these courses, and a training program will be implemented for professors who wish to put their classes online. One hundred percent online degree programs will begin to be delivered in the fall 2015, but students can get a jump start now by taking general education courses, Business and Leadership, Criminal Justice, Education, and Early Childhood Education courses just to name a few.

WMCC offers courses in Berlin, Littleton and Conway. With over 50 degree and certificate programs and a recent 5 percent reduction in tuition, WMCC is affordable and accessible for all individuals, whether you are looking to obtain a college degree, certificate or change your career. The college has a number of articulation agreements so transferring into a four year college for those interested in a bachelor's degree is quick and seamless. For more information, call White Mountains Community College, (603) 752-1113, ext. 3000 or email wmcc@ccsnh.edu.


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