Groveton High School Student Council will be sponsoring its annual Talent Night activities on Thursday, March 26 at 6 p.m. in the Ryan Memorial Gymnasium. Admission is as follows: free for children under 5; $2 for senior citizens and for students (bring your student ID); and $3 for all others. Proceeds from admission will benefit the GHS Student Council.

The purpose of Talent Night is to compete for "prom points". These points are accumulated throughout the year, as the classes compete in various competitions. The 11th- and 12th-grade classes are accumulating these points to decide who will be crowned King and Queen at the prom, and the 9th- and 10th-grade classes are competing for Prince and Princess honors.

Students will be performing skits and choreographed lip syncs. There will also be an open talent category, and this year's prom candidates in both the Senior and Junior divisions will be asked to compete against one another in "candidate games." Past candidate games have consisted of a toilet-paper-wrap and a marshmallow toss.

Candidates will be decorating donation boxes that will be available for community members to put any spare change in as they enter Talent Night. The amount of money in each box will be counted up at the end of the night, and added to the points that each class earns for prom points, so community members are encouraged to place their donations in the box of the class that they wish to gain the most points. The money collected in the boxes will go directly to the Groveton Food Pantry.

Talent Night will be a great night of fun competition and all members of the community are invited to attend. Anyone with questions can contact Michelle Fox, Student Council advisor, at Groveton High School, (603) 636-1619.


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