The following scholarships and awards were recently presented to members of the 2014 graduating class at Profile School in Bethlehem, N.H.

White Mountains Chapter DAR Good Citizen Award: Kayla Mardin

Joseph Altobelli Memorial Scholarship: Jake Rivers

Kathleen A. Gorgone Award: Luke Golden

Franconia Fire Dept Scholarship Award: Jenna O'Hara

Polly Keach Spirit Award: Kayla Mardin

North Country Board of Realtors Scholarship: Katherine Hesler

Littleton Rotary Club Awards: Travis Brown, Kayla Mardin, Morgyn Stonecipher and Emma Williams.

Town of Franconia Towse Athletic Award: Caroline Eyman

Town of Franconia/Lucy Priest Scholarship Award: Morgyn Stonecipher, Zack Knowlton, Katherine Hesler, Jenna O'Hara, Travis Brown and Luke Golden.

Profile School Education Award: Sacha Bays

Lafayette Education Association Award: Taylor Girard and Luke Golden.

Society of Women Engineers Merit Certificate: Kayla Mardin, Caroline Eyman and Sacha Bays.

Blandin Trust Scholarships: Anna Bolton, Ross Branch, Nicole Compo, Mika Dickinson, Caroline Eyman, Luke Golden, Katherine Hesler, Bailey Johnson, Zack Knowlton, Kayla Mardin, Jenna O'Hara, Ethan Peters, Mora Peterson, Jake Rivers, Jakob Senft, Morgyn Stonecipher and Nicholas Sullo.

Booster Club Service: Sacha Bays

Mellekas Award: Zack Knowlton

Thomas Giacobbe Scholarship: Caroline Eyman

Malcom J. Stevenson Leadership Award: Katherine Hesler

Littleton Regional Healthcare Auxiliary Scholarship Award: Kayla Mardin

Sugar Hill Improvement Society Book Award: Ross Branch, Emma Williams and Mora Peterson.

New Hampshire Scholars: Mikaela Allen, Sacha Bays, Nicole Compo, Caroline Eyman, Luke Golden, Katherine Hesler, Bailey Johnson, Kayla Mardin, Ethan Peters, Morgyn Stonecipher, Nicholas Sullo and Emma Williams.

Sugar Hill Willing Workers Society Scholarship: Emma Williams

Richardson Memorial Library Gladys Jesseman Award: Emma Williams

Eric C. Herzog Most Improved Senior Award: Zack Knowlton

Franconia College Scholarship Awards: Sacha Bays and Luke Golden.

Delta Kappa Gamma Society Award: Sacha Bays

Pine Hill Singers' Annual Music Award: Sacha Bays

Maplewood Lodge 100 Odd Fellows Award: Luke Golden

Waumbek Dollars for Scholars/Jack Gordon Scholarship: Jake Rivers and Katherine Hesler.

Franconia Ski Club Award: Sacha Bays

US Marine Awards: Sacha Bays, Kayla Mardin and Caroline Eyman.

Lafayette Lions - Book Club Award: Luke Golden

Ben Silver Award: Taylor Girard

Roger H. Aldrich Valedictorian Award: Kayla Mardin

Highest Honors Awards: Sacha Bays, Caroline Eyman and Kayla Mardin.

Art Awards: Sacha Bays and Eli Sellers.

English Awards: Writing -- Emma Williams; Speaker -- Brian Best; Most Improved -- Brian Best; AP Literature -- Kayla Mardin.

History Awards: Mika Dickinson, Spencer Shanshala and Nichlolas Sullo.

Math Awards: Ethan Peters and Kayla Mardin.

Science Awards: Biology -- Ethan Peters; Physics -- Nicholas Sullo and Kayla Mardin.

Music Awards: Choral -- Micah Delventhal-Saffian; Sousa Award -- Sacha Bays.

World Language Awards: Spanish -- Mikaela Allen and Jake Rivers; French -- Caroline Eyman and Sacha Bays.

Valedictorian/Salutation Awards: Kayla Mardin (valedictorian) and Caroline Eyman (salutatorian).

Solar Waylon Scholarship: Sacha Bays.


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