ST. JOHNSBURY -- Sarah Emery is a former small business owner who worked in the credentialing industry for 10 years. This year, she joined St. Johnsbury Academy's Career and Technical Education department where she teaches business classes and mentors students who are interested in credentialing, human resources, and process and work flow.

Emery was curious about the reasons why teenager take her courses, so she decided to survey her first year Business Environment class. "Their answers were amazing," she said.

One student from Japan was interested in learning more about the world of business. "I wanted to take this class because I don't know very much about running a business or starting one. I was hoping this class would help me to decide what I want to do for a future job."

Pico Petershagen, a student from Germany, wrote, "I am really interested in business and this is a class that we don't have in Germany. If I want to be in business in the future and maybe run my own company, I need to learn how business works and what it is like. I am looking forward to meet some company owners and entrepreneurs and I hope that this class prepares me for the business world in the future."

Emery was particularly proud of students like Nell McQueeney who was taking a risk and stretching her comfort zone. "I chose this class because I thought I would take a chance and try something I had no intention in ever trying."

Kathy Daley, department chair of Career and Technical Education at the Academy, indicated that students from across the Caledonia Essex Technical Region participate in the program. "The department prepares these students for current and future educational and workplace opportunities through hands-on learning, authentic workplace experiences, and

classroom instruction."

St. Johnsbury offers career and technical education classes in agriculture, food and natural resources, arts and communication, architecture and construction, business, hospitality and tourism, human services, information technology and transportation, distribution and logistics. For more information, call Kathy Daley, department chair, at 802-748-7738.


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