The following area students graduated from the Licensed Practical Nursing Program in the spring 2020 semester at Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center: Ladon Allen of Newport Center; Lauren Bellavance of Cabot; Ryan Beloin of Morgan; Danielle Blanchard-King of Barton; Nicole Bristol of St. Johnsbury; Michelle Broaddus of Marshfield; Victoria Davis of Derby Line; Jaimie DeWitt of East Haven; Lorraine Dipietro of Landaff, N.H.; Mercedes Ellis of Bradford; Brittany Emmons of Whitefield, N.H.; Taylor Farmer of Waterford; Jacey Gray of Island Pond; Allison Gray of Island Pond; Denise Grootenboer of Whitefield, N.H.; Katelyn Haskins of Dalton, N.H.; Joshua Heuslein of Glover; Justine Huntington of Newbury; Lynn King of Orleans; Caisey Kurek of Danville; Louise LaChance-Harrison of Derby Line; Elizabeth Marsh of North Stratford, N.H.; Carolyn McTigue of Marshfield; Alexandra Milne of Newark; Wesley Nutter of Newport Center; Courtney Parker of Troy; Emma Perkins of Barton; Amy Phillips of Newport; Michaela Poginy of Barton; Jenna Poutre of Derby; Michael Powers of Glover; Pauleena Stevens of St. Johnsbury; Caitlyn Taboada of Lyndonville; Troy Tetreault of Troy.


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