The following area students have been named to the dean’s list at the University of New Hampshire in Durham for the spring 2019 semester. Students named to the dean’s list have earned recognition through their scholastic performance during a semester enrolled in a full-time course load (12 or more graded credits). Highest honors are awarded to students who earn a semester grade point average of 3.85 or better out of a possible 4.0. Students with a 3.65 to 3.84 average are awarded high honors and students whose grade point average is 3.5 through 3.64 are awarded honors.

New Hampshire

Bethlehem: Sarah Blampied, highest honors.

Bretton Woods: Andrew Whipple, high honors.

Colebrook: Austin Prusik, high honors; Selena Richards, high honors.

Easton: Johanna Pastoriza, highest honors.

Groveton: Alyssa Blodgett, highest honors; Jessica Fury, high honors; Matthew Guay, high honors.

Haverhill: Vajl Adamkowski, highest honors.

Jefferson: Samuel Call, highest honors; Adrianna Robinson, highest honors.

Lancaster: Kylee Casner, highest honors; Danielle Chancey, high honors; Francis Gesel, highest honors; Ethan Giles, high honors; Jessica Montehermoso, highest honors; Maria Nadeau, highest honors; Gabrielle Scott, honors; Angelina Zajac, highest honors.

Landaff: Hannah Cartwright, high honors; Trevor Fenoff, high honors.

Lisbon: Sydney Lambert, honors.

Littleton: Susan Aubin, honors; Daniel Brammer, honors; Rilee Clark, honors; Stephen Cote, high honors; Luke Howard, high honors; Elise Laflamme, highest honors; Nealy Mason, highest honors; Cooper Paradice, honors.

North Haverhill: Thomas D’Angelo, high honors.

Pittsburg: Colin Carlson, honors.

Sugar Hill: Asher Merrill, high honors.

Twin Mountain: Sara Brodeur, highest honors.


Barnet: Ethan Bushey, honors.

Barton: Bradey Kerr, high honors; Shaun Kerr, honors.

Derby: Ian Bissonnette, honors; Amy Maxwell, highest honors.

East Burke: Michelle Keon, honors.

Concord: Madison Wood, highest honors.

Lyndonville: Andrew Stimpson, honors

Morgan: Makennah Morris, honors.

Newport: Andrew Franklin, high honors.

Orleans: Brittany Royer, high honors.

St. Johnsbury: Allison Peck, high honors.

West Danville: Emily Cochran, highest honors.


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