The Governor's Institutes of Vermont offers intensive hands-on academic programs on college campuses for Vermont high school students. Students must apply and be recommended by their schools to attend. The Governor's institutes currently offers summer Institutes in the Arts, Asian Cultures, Current Issues & Youth Activism, Engineering, Environmental Science & Technology, Information Technology, Mathematical Sciences, and a Special Topics Institute on Farms, Food and Your Future. For more information, go to

The following area students are recent 2013 graduates of the Governor's Institutes of Vermont's eight summer Institutes.

Beecher Falls: Luke Belleville, Arts; Evan Doyon, Engineering -- both students at Canaan Memorial High School.

Bradford: Zachary Klarich, Arts; Sydney McIntire, Current Issues & Youth Activism -- both students at Oxbow High School.

Cabot: Tiger Bastress, Arts; Zachary Coolbeth, Arts; Caleb Maxfield, Arts; Megan Walker, Arts; Madeline Morse, Asian Cultures; Galadriel Morse, Current Issues & Youth Activism; Emma Stecker, Current Issues & Youth Activism; Clementine O'Connor, Engineering; Jasmine Tetreault, Engineering; Olivia Bellavance, Environmental Science & Technology; Ashley Maurice, Environmental Science & Technology; Rebecca Blaisdell, Information Technology; Darren Celley, Information Technology; Lars Hammer, Information Technology; Kassandra Morse, Information Technology -- all are students at Cabot School.

Canaan: Alexis DeLong, Arts; Mallorie Madore, Arts -- both students at Canaan Memorial High School.

Craftsbury: Eric Menard, Information Technology, Peoples Academy.

Danville: Shane DeShone, Arts, Danville School.

Derby: Keirstan Lague, Asian Cultures; Jonathan Trembley, Engineering -- both students at North Country Union High School.

Derby Line: Allison Kelley, Current Issues & Youth Activism, North Country Union High School; Jacob Hochstrasser, Engineering, Stanstead College.

East Hardwick: Timber Wright, Engineering, Hazen Union School.

Fairlee: Kasey Clark, Special Topics: Farms, Food and Your Future, River Bend Career & Technical Center.

Greensboro Bend: Keilah Figueroa, Arts, Hazen Union School; Catherine Ware, Arts, U-32 High School.

Groton: Adriana Grant, Arts, Oxbow High School.

Hardwick: Jared Shepard, Arts; Brittany Richardson, Current Issues & Youth Activism -- both students at Hazen Union School.

Holland: Owen Nadeau, Engineering, North Country Union High School.

Kirby: Sawyer Masure, Arts, Lyndon Institute.

Lyndonville: Quintin Tomasi, Arts; Allison Windhausen, Arts; Chelsea Corrow, Current Issues & Youth Activism -- all students at Lyndon Institute.

Marshfield: Gage Sironi, Current Issues & Youth Activism, Cabot School.

Monroe, N.H.: Elizabeth Fiske, Arts, Lyndon Institute.

Montgomery Center: Jade Dandurand, Arts, North Country Union High School.

Newbury: Jami Tuttle, Current Issues & Youth Activism, Oxbow High School.

Newport: Hannah Chitambar, Arts; Angela Gluck, Arts; Olivia Jones, Arts; Alexander Cotnoir, Environmental Science & Technology; Jacob Lisner, Mathematics; Elizabeth Alexander, Farms, Food and Your Future -- all students at North Country Union High School. Also, Sydney Whipple, Mathematics, Lake Region Union High School.

Orleans: Emily Millar, Environmental Science & Technology, Lake Region Union High School.

Waterford: Kelsey Stewart, Special Topics: Farms, Food and Your Future, St. Johnsbury Academy.

West Burke: Kyle Feltham, Environmental Science & Technology, Lyndon Institute.

Wolcott: Catherine Hayes, Arts, Hazen Union School; Katie Fish, Environmental Science & Technology, Peoples Academy.


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