Area Teachers Selected To Attend NEH Summer Workshops


Bill and Thea Storz are shown in front of the restored Lorraine Motel (now the National Civil Rights Museum) in Memphis, Tenn. along with their colleagues who attended a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer workshop in July. Thea Storz is standing in second row, fourth from left; Bill Storz is in the back row, fourth from left, in center of photo.

Bill Storz, a local teacher from Community High School of Vermont, and Thea Storz, of Brighton Elementary School, were recently selected as National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Scholars from a national applicant pool to attend one of 15 NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture workshops. NEH is a federal agency that each year supports summer study opportunities so that teachers can work with experts in humanities disciplines.

Bill and Thea Storz participated in a workshop entitled "The Most Southern Place on Earth" at Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss. in July. The workshop was directed by Luther Brown.

The 80 teachers selected to participate in the program each received a $1,200 stipend to help cover their travel, study and living expenses.

Topics for the 15 NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops offered for teachers this summer include Spanish, Mexican and American California; exploration of the United States Pacific West Coast; music, history and culture of the Mississippi Delta; the Missouri-Kansas border wars; the Industrial Revolution; Atlanta and civil rights history; the American Revolution; Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn; Chicago skyscrapers; New York City from 1877--2001; the Black Chicago Renaissance; Abraham Lincoln; history and culture of historic Santa Fe; African-American entrepreneurs in antebellum America; and the War of 1812 in the Great Lakes and Western Territories. The teachers who participated in these studies will teach over 150,000 American students in this coming school year.


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